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10 Step Guide To Mobile App Development For Free In 2022


Mobile app development used to be a complicated and expensive process, reserved for those with coding experience and lots of money to spare. But thanks to advances in technology and the growth of online resources, that is no longer the case. In this guide, we will walk you through every step of the process, from registering for a developer account to submitting your finished product to an app store, so that you can learn mobile app development for free in 10 steps.

10-Step Guide To Free Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development #Step 1: Choose Your App Idea

This can be anything from a game to a productivity tool to a social networking app. The sky’s the limit, but it is important to choose an idea that your business is relevant to, that has a market, and that you are passionate about. Once you have chosen your app idea, it is time to start planning your app.

Mobile App Development #Step 2: Sketch Out Your App

Before you start coding, it is important to map out what your app will look like and how it will function. This can be done with a simple drawing or by using a wireframing tool like Mockflow.

Mobile App Development #Step 3: Choose the Right Platform

There are two main types of mobile platforms: iOS and Android. If you want to make an iOS app, you will need to use Xcode, which is only available on Mac. If you want to make an Android app, you can use either Android Studio or Eclipse.

Both platforms have their pros and cons, so it is important to choose the one that is right for your app idea and your target audience.

If you want to reach the widest possible audience, you should develop your app for both iOS and Android. However, this will require you to create two separate apps, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

If you want to develop your app quickly and cheaply, you should choose the platform that is most popular with your target audience. For example, if you are targeting American users, you should develop your app for iOS.

If you are targeting users in other countries, you should develop your app for Android. Look for charts and statistics that show the percentage of users in different countries who use each platform.

Mobile App Development #Step 4: Find the Right Tools and Resources

mobile app development

Once you have chosen the platform you want to develop your app for, it is time to find the right tools and resources.

Since we are discussing a “FREE APP”, we will only discuss choosing the right tools and resources for your Play store that are also free. But, if you want to develop your app for IOS, check the resources at the end of this guide.

For Android, the first thing you need is the Android SDK, which is a suite of tools that will allow you to develop, test, and debug your app. The SDK is available for free from Google.

You will also need a text editor to write your code in. There are many different text editors available, but we recommend using Android Studio, which is the official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Android.

Android Studio is available for free from Google.

Once you have the SDK and a text editor set up, you will need to find some other resources to help you with your app development.

Here are some helpful resources for Android app development:

The Official Android Developer Website – This website is a great starting point for learning about Android app development. It includes tutorials, sample code, and information about the different SDK tools.

Vogella – Vogella is a website that offers free video tutorials and articles about Android development.

Stack Overflow – Stack Overflow is a Q&A website for programmers. It is a great place to find answers to your questions about Android development.

Android Developers on YouTube – The Android Developers YouTube channel has helpful videos about a variety of topics, including how to use the Android SDK tools.

Mobile App Development #Step 5: Register as a Developer

To submit your app to the App Store or Google Play, you will need to register as a developer.

Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. If you want to make an iOS app, you will need to sign up for an Apple Developer account, which costs $99 per year. For Android apps, you will need to create a Google Developer account, which is free of charge.

To create a developer account with Google for Free:
  1. Go to the Google Play Console
  2. Sign in or create a Google account
  3. Accept the developer agreement
  4. Click “Create a new developer account”
  5. Enter your account details
  6. Select your country and accept the Developer Distribution Agreement
  7. Click “Create account”

Note: However, the Play Store is a better option considering its statistics. According to a survey done in 2021, there are 2.87 million apps in the App Store, while there are 3.8 million in Google Play Store. Also, the app store makes about $1.42 billion per month, while Google Play generates around $24.6 billion per month.

To create an Apple Developer Account:

And if you want to create an Apple Developer Account, you have to first consider the budget, because creating an Apple Developer Account is not free. However, if you are a company even with a minimum budget, consider creating an Apple account along with a Google Account.

  1. Go to developer.apple.com and click “Account” from the menu at the top of the page
  2. Click “Sign In” in the upper-right corner of the page
  3. Sign in with your Apple ID and click “Enroll Now”
  4. Enter your Apple ID, password, and contact information
  5. Select the type of account you want to create: Individual – for a single person or Organization – for a company or other entity
  6. Enter your legal name and date of birth, then click “Continue”
  7. Follow the instructions on the next page to verify your identity with Apple
  8. Agree to the terms and conditions
  9. Click “Submit” and select the payment method you want to use
  10. Enter your billing information, then click “Continue”
  11. Review your order, then click “Submit”
  12. You will be charged the $99 annual fee for an Apple Developer account

Now that you know how to create a developer account for both Google and IOS, the step-by-step guide continues below on how mobile app development works without any coding skills by using Appy Pie.

Mobile App Development #Step 6: Choose a Mobile App Builder

Now that you have registered as a developer, you need to choose a mobile app development tool. There are many different app builders on the market, but we recommend using Appy Pie. Appy Pie is a cloud-based app builder that allows you to create an app without any coding skills. Plus, it’s free to use!

To get started with Appy Pie, simply sign up for a free account and choose the type of app you want to create. Then, you will be taken to the editor where you can start adding features to your app.

Mobile App Development #Step 7: Add Features to Your App

Now that you are in the editor, it’s time to start adding features to your app. Appy Pie has a wide range of features that you can add to your app, including:

  • Push notifications
  • GPS and location
  • Social media integration
  • eCommerce
  • In-app purchases and more!

To add a feature to your app, simply click on the “Add Feature” button and select the feature you want to add. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to add the feature to your app.

Mobile App Development #Step 8: Test Your App

Once you have added all the features you want to your app, it’s time to test it. Appy Pie has a built-in testing platform that allows you to test your app on your device. To test your app, simply click on the “Test” button and follow the instructions on the screen.

Mobile App Development #Step 9: Publish Your App

Once you have tested your app and made sure it is functioning the way you want, it’s time to add content to it and publish it. To publish your app, click on the “Publish” button and follow the instructions on the screen. Appy Pie will then generate the code for your app and submit it to the App Store or Google Play for you.

Mobile App Development #Step 10: Keep Monitoring And Updating

Once you have published the app, the work is not done yet. You need to keep monitoring your app for bugs, check feedback, reply to the feedback, keep updating, and adjust the app to the latest trends. 

Congratulations! You have now learned mobile app development methods without any coding skills. By following this guide, you will be able to create a mobile app for free by 2022.


Even if you have created the next amazing application for your business, content plays a vital role in the success of your app. A great idea poorly executed is just a bad idea, and that is where a lot of app developers go wrong. The first step is to create something people want to use, and then focus on delivering an amazing user experience. If you can do that, you will be well on your way to success. Mobile app development is not as difficult as it may seem, and with Appy Pie, you can create an app without any coding skills. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

And if you need help getting started for your content or app execution, 12 Channels is always here for you. We are a team of experienced professionals who can help you with everything from ideation to development to marketing. Contact us today to learn more!

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