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12 Effective Elements Of Mobile Marketing


According to a survey done by BigCommerce, “63% of American consumers say they are likely to purchase from a business with a mobile-friendly website.” This number has been on the rise in recent years as we have become more and more reliant on our mobile devices.

With that on the roll, the perfect ordinance is unfurling right at your doorstep! With the recent advancements in technology, it’s easier than ever before to reach out and connect with customers on their mobile devices.

Imagine having an ad that pops up right as they’re about to leave home or answer a text from one of their friends – you could be the business they think of first! That’s the power of a mobile advertising campaign.

To make sure your mobile advertising campaign is successful, incorporate these 12 effective elements of mobile marketing:

Elements Of Mobile Marketing #1: A mobile-friendly website

elements of mobile marketing

Your website is the foundation of your mobile advertising campaign strategy. It’s where customers and prospects will go to learn more about your products or services, and it needs to be optimized for viewing on smaller screens.

Some key things to keep in mind when making your website mobile-friendly:

Large fonts: Make sure your font is large enough to be easily read on a small screen.

Clickable buttons: Buttons and links should be easy to click on, even for those with fat fingers!

Simplicity: The website design should be easy and simple to navigate for users with no technical background.

Sections: Long paragraphs are destined to bore users with less time up their sleeves. Break those long boring paragraphs into shorter ones and keep your readers hooked to your content.

Linking to social media: Add links to your profiles and make it easy for users to know more about your brand on your social media pages.

Elements Of Mobile Marketing #2: Targeted mobile ads

Now that the website is mobile-friendly, the moment has come to consider the integration of targeted mobile ads. These ads, formulated exclusively for mobile devices, are strikingly efficacious when it comes to reaching your designated audience.

When contriving such ads, it is essential to bear in mind several key factors:

Location: Exploit location-based targeting to ensure that your ads are being exposed to the relevant demographics.

Size: Guarantee that the ads are the appropriate size for mobile devices. They should be sufficiently sizable to be easily perceived but not so colossal that they engulf the whole screen.

Format: Select a format that functions seamlessly on mobile devices. There are several alternatives to choose from, including banners, interstitials, and native ads.

Elements Of Mobile Marketing #3: Location-based targeting

A mobile advertising campaign confers upon you the benefit of location-based targeting. This mode of targeting caters to the needs of your designated demographic, displaying ads to those who are interested in your product or service.

To commence location-based targeting, ensure that your ads are visible on mobile devices. You can do so by narrowing your focus to specific keywords or locations. Nonetheless, there are a multitude of location-based marketing techniques, such as Geotargeting, geofencing, mobile targeting, beaconing, and geo-conquesting.

Geo-Targeting allows for the targeting of ads to designated locations, encompassing countries, states, cities, or zip codes.

Geo-Fencing enables the creation of a virtual fence around a specific location, e.g., a store, thereby displaying ads to anyone who enters that fenced area.

Mobile Targeting helps to target the intended users with the help of their mobile devices, such as Android or Iphone.

Beaconing on the other hand targets mobile devices that are close to a specific location, eg., a landmark, store, event, or a hotel as such.

Geo-Conquesting unlike beaconing that targets a specific location, targets mobile devices lodged in with the competitor’s location.

Make sure that your ads are relevant to the location you are hosting the campaign. If you are a restaurant, it is better to host campaign around other restaurants, or a landmark, or a place where people are known to grow hungry and would love to take a break at a good food place than anything else.

Elements Of Mobile Marketing #4: Creating an app

Developing an app is an exceptional technique for reaching your designated demographic. It serves as an excellent tool for customer engagement, providing an opportunity for customers to interact with your brand.

When developing an app, several factors necessitate consideration:

Purpose: Determine the purpose of your app. Will it promote your product or service? Will it provide information about your company? Alternatively, will it offer a loyalty program?

Features: Contemplate the features that your app will encompass. Will it permit customers to make purchases? Will it provide information about your company?

User Experience: Evaluate the ease-of-use of your app. Is it user-friendly?

Design: Consider the appearance of your app. Does the design convey professionalism?

By adhering to these principles, you will be well on your way to devising an efficacious mobile advertising campaign strategy.

Elements Of Mobile Marketing #5: SMS marketing

SMS, an acronym for Short Message Service, is a swift and convenient technique for reaching your desired audience. It’s incredibly effective since the majority of people carry their phones with them at all times.

When creating an SMS marketing campaign, several factors require consideration:

Opt-in: Ensure that you have an opt-in system in place to permit individuals to subscribe to your messages.

Keywords: Select keywords that will trigger your advertisement to be sent to those who have subscribed.

Timing: Determine the most suitable time to send your messages when they are most likely to be read.

Offers: Integrate offers into your messages to motivate people to take action.

SMS marketing can serve as an excellent method for connecting with your designated audience. However, ensure to keep these fundamental principles in mind while devising your campaign.

Elements Of Mobile Marketing #6: MMS marketing

MMS, the abbreviated form of multimedia messaging service, presents an inventive way to captivate your target audience with an eclectic blend of media types, including but not limited to, images and videos, directly delivered to their mobile devices. This approach to communication is akin to SMS, but with a greater emphasis on captivating the recipients with its striking engagement factor.

It is of utmost importance to guarantee that your intended audience possesses MMS-capable devices, all while keeping in mind the fact that MMS messages usually come in hefty file sizes. Therefore, they might require longer periods to download and, in certain circumstances, may even fail to download at all, especially when one’s internet connection is less than optimal.

To maximize the benefits of MMS marketing, you need to follow these optimization tips:

Make sure you make the point in the first minute of your message. In our fast-paced society, people rarely have any time to spare, perpetually engrossed in a flurry of activities. As such, they are much more likely to gravitate towards content that is effortlessly digestible, rather than one that is akin to a complex crossword puzzle.

Use high-quality visuals and make your message clear. Your audience would undoubtedly prefer to experience an impressive visual presentation that represents your brand instead of a low-quality, barely audible or viewable video.

If you decide to include a link, make sure it’s a short URL that is easy to type on a mobile phone. Long URLs can be quite frustrating for users to type on a small keyboard, and it may discourage them from interacting with your content.

Elements Of Mobile Marketing #7: QR codes

QR codes, those fascinating black-and-white squares that can be scanned by smartphones, are an excellent way to make your mobile marketing more interactive. You can place them on your website, store, or even in your print ads. When scanned, they can transport people to a specific landing page on your website or even offer them a coupon for a discount on their next purchase.

But beware! When using QR codes, you should keep in mind a few things:

Ensure the code is prominent enough to be effortlessly scanned. If it’s too small, people will have difficulty scanning it and may give up.

Ensure the code is positioned in a location where it can be easily spotted. If it’s tucked away, people are less likely to notice it and scan it.

Ensure the landing page is optimized for mobile devices. If it’s not, people will struggle to navigate it on their tiny screens and may lose interest.

Following these tips, you can make QR codes an effective component of your mobile advertising campaign strategy. Many companies have adopted this approach and achieved excellent results. For example, Starbucks features a QR code on their coffee cups that directs people to a landing page where they can participate in a contest and win fabulous prizes.

Elements Of Mobile Marketing #8: Push notifications

Push notifications are an intriguing marketing technique that can help your brand stay connected with your audience. These messages are delivered straight to your audience’s smartphones from your app, providing them with timely information about your new content, updates, or exclusive offers.

However, you should avoid overusing push notifications because people will stop paying attention to them. Instead, use them strategically to keep your audience engaged and informed about your business. With push notifications, you can keep your audience in the loop with just a tap of a button.

Elements Of Mobile Marketing #9: Responsive landing pages

A responsive landing page is a marvel of modern web design. It’s a dynamic page that morphs to fit the screen size of the device it’s being viewed on, whether it’s a gargantuan desktop monitor or a minuscule smartphone display.

Ensuring your website is responsive is crucial because it’s no secret that people love using their phones to browse the web. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, visitors will struggle to view and interact with your content, causing them to quickly abandon your site and move on to a competitor’s.

Elements Of Mobile Marketing #10: Mobile search ads

Mobile search ads are an awe-inspiring avenue for capturing the attention of potential customers who have exhibited an interest in your product or service. These ads materialize in search results when individuals use their phones to scour the internet, presenting you with a golden opportunity to entice them with your offerings.

In order to fully optimize the impact of your mobile search ads, it is imperative to ensure that your advertisement is intricately entwined with the keywords that users are scouring for. Furthermore, it is equally critical to align your ad content with the device that is being employed for the search. For instance, if an individual is using their mobile phone to look for a restaurant, it is reasonable to assume that they are seeking a local establishment that they can visit posthaste. Any neglect in satisfying their specific requirements can lead to an abrupt loss of interest in your ad, ultimately resulting in a potential customer slipping through your fingers.

Elements Of Mobile Marketing #11: Email optimization for mobile

As the trend of reading emails on mobile devices is on the rise, optimizing your email marketing strategy for mobile is crucial to reach your target audience effectively.

To achieve this, some key considerations must be kept in mind:

Ensure that the subject line is concise and impactful as people only see the first few words on their screen, and those words must pack a punch.

Text size should be legible on small screens, so ensure that it is appropriately sized.

Keep the email content brief and straightforward since people tend to skim through emails on their phones, and you don’t want to lose their attention.

Make sure the call to action is easy to click on and directs users to a mobile-friendly landing page.

By adhering to these best practices, you can ensure that your email marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile devices, making them more engaging and effective.

Elements Of Mobile Marketing #12: Developing a sound mobile SEO strategy

The optimization of your website for search engines on mobile devices, a process commonly referred to as Mobile SEO, is a quintessential factor that facilitates the discovery of your website by users when they search on their phones.

As the usage of phones for online searches continues to surge, having a robust and effective Mobile SEO strategy is vital.

To guarantee the discoverability of your website on mobile devices, you must ensure that it is optimized for search engines. This involves the assurance that your website is mobile-friendly and that your content is pertinent to the keywords that people are searching for.

By adhering to these pointers, you can ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices, thereby enabling users to locate it easily when they are carrying out searches on their phones.


The efficacious execution of a mobile marketing campaign can be instrumental to the success of your business. However, there are several fundamental elements that require thoughtful consideration when devising a mobile advertising campaign strategy. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure the effectiveness and consequential benefits of your mobile advertising campaign to your business.

Moreover, if you encounter any obstacles in initiating your mobile advertising campaign, acquiring the services of a specialized mobile advertising agency can provide a viable solution. As a digital marketing agency with a distinct focus on mobile marketing, 12Channels can facilitate the development of an effective mobile advertising campaign strategy and successfully execute it to augment your business growth. Contact us today to explore the diverse benefits of leveraging mobile marketing for business expansion.

If this article provided valuable insights for you, do not hesitate to share it with your network. Furthermore, if you have any queries or concerns, feel free to express them in the comment section below. We are always eager to engage with our audience.

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