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8 Successful Marketing Campaign Examples To Inspire You


Inspiration is something that all marketers need at some point or another. Successful marketing campaign examples set a bench mark in the marketing industry to make one feel empowered. And, if you’re feeling stuck, sometimes all you need is a reminder that other people have been in your position and have found ways to succeed. This is especially true when it comes to video marketing.

According to a consumer trends suvery “62% of people find a landing page with video more interesting than one without”


Video marketing can be an intimidating proposition for many marketers. It’s a relatively new field, and it can be hard to know where to start. But the good news is that there are plenty of people who have already found success with video marketing, and their stories can be a great source of inspiration for your campaigns.

In this post, we’ll share 8 video marketing successful campaigns by small brands that made big with video marketing, that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to create your videos.

successful marketing campaign examples

#1 The Dollar Shave Club

When the Dollar Shave Club launched in 2012, it knew that it needed to do something different to stand out in the crowded razor market. So, they turned to video marketing.

Their now-famous launch video was humorous and irreverent, and it quickly went viral, helping them to gain an army of fans and customers.

Since then, the company has continued to produce high-quality video content, including a series of hilarious product demonstrations and how-tos. And their approach has paid off—they’re now one of the most successful shaving brands in the world.

What made the Dollar Shave Club’s video marketing so successful?

1. They knew their audience: With astute acuity, Dollar Shave Club engaged in a meticulous and calculated endeavor to comprehend the desires and preferences of their target audience. Through fastidious efforts, they were able to curate content that was bespoke and specifically catered to the unique needs and interests of their intended demographic.

2. They kept their videos short, sweet, and to the point: With a keen sense of perception, Dollar Shave Club recognized the limited attention span of the populace and acted with precision. Employing brevity and conciseness as their allies, they carefully crafted their videos to be succinct and laconic, avoiding superfluous meandering that could lead to loss of interest.

3. They were funny: Demonstrating an impeccable sense of wit, Dollar Shave Club employed humor to forge an intimate connection with their audience. With a clever and humorous approach, they created videos that were simultaneously amusing and informative, entertaining their viewers while communicating their message.

4. They were different: In a crowded and cacophonous razor market, Dollar Shave Club was unafraid to embrace the unconventional. Standing apart from the clamor and clamoring for attention, they devised a unique and distinguishable style that set them apart from the mundane and monotonous.

5. They told a story: With a masterful storytelling approach, Dollar Shave Club transformed their videos from simple advertisements to captivating narratives. Through a deliberate and skillful utilization of a beginning, middle, and end, they were able to craft a memorable and immersive experience that captured the attention of their viewers.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your video marketing campaign, the Dollar Shave Club is a great place to start.

#2 Birchbox

Birchbox, a monthly subscription service renowned for its personalized beauty sample boxes, was founded in 2010 with the prescient insight that video would constitute a pivotal component of their marketing strategy. To that end, they embarked on an ambitious endeavor of crafting an array of informative how-to videos that would educate their subscribers on the proper usage of the products enclosed in their boxes. Their prescience proved to be spot-on, as these videos proved to be wildly successful among the Birchbox clientele, prompting the company to embark on a fervent quest to curate even more videos, covering a diverse range of topics such as expert makeup tips, hair styling pointers, and sage skincare advice.

Now, Birchbox is one of the leading beauty subscription services, and its videos have played a big role in its success.

What made Birchbox’s video marketing so successful?

1. They focused on helpful content: Birchbox carefully considered their target audiences and have videos designed to help their subscribers learn how to use the products they received in their boxes. This helped a lot of customers to find the products provided by birchbox as accessible and easy to navigate rather than consider multiple sources to learn about the product or the service provided by the brand.

2. They kept their videos short and to the point: Like any other brand, keeping the videos as crisp as possible is another essential and winning techniques that allows users to revisit the brand over and over. The videos made by birchbox were all under 2 minutes, which made them easy to watch and digest.

3. They used a mix of live-action and animation: An unique technique employed by the brand is the mix of video themes that helped to keep their videos fresh and interesting for the users. This not only helps the brand to stay in the trend and relatable for the users of all profiles, but the brand also keeps the users informed of their products with such marketing techniques.

If you’re a brand thinking about securing subscriptions with your video content, Birchbox is a great example to follow.

#3 Bombas

Bombas, a pioneering sock company, set out on a noble mission upon its inception in 2013 – to furnish the homeless with socks. Its modus operandi was simple yet profound: for every pair of socks that it retailed, it committed to donating an identical pair to the destitute. However, with a fiercely competitive market of sock manufacturers and suppliers, the question of how Bombas could distinguish itself from its rivals loomed large. The answer – video marketing.

With a firm resolve to demonstrate the unique character of their enterprise and its heartwarming mission, Bombas embarked on a daunting mission to conceptualize and produce an array of videos that would tell the story of their brand and its mission. And lo and behold, the fruits of their labor were nothing short of remarkable. These moving and evocative videos were imbued with such power that they galvanized the masses, propelling Bombas to the dizzying heights of success by amassing over $1 million in donations within a mere 60 days.

What made Bombas’ video marketing so successful?

1. They told a story: Storytelling is one of the must and essential techniques to keep the viewers or the users engaged to the brand. Without a good story, the brand is destined to fall apart, now or sooner, with the lack of interest and engagement of the viewers to the brand value and ethis. The story employed by the Bombas were in the form of videos that were emotional and inspiring. The videos told the story of their company in a way that connected with their audience.

2. They had a clear message: Not only were bombas successful with their proficient storytelling talent but the videos they created greatly communicated what their company was all about—helping those in need—clearly and concisely without the mushy or inept conceptualizations.

3. They used visuals: Attention is everything and when seeking the attention of the users, it is always important for the video to be aesthetic or color coded to make the content visually appealing, which helps to capture people’s focus on the brand to view the video for longer.

Brands looking to focus both on story and visuals to connect with your audience on a deeper level, Bombas helps them set an example to follow the brand ideas for a greater achievement.

#4 Casper

Casper, a trailblazing mattress company that peddles its wares in cyberspace, burst onto the scene in 2014 with a singular objective – to stand out amidst the cutthroat mattress market. To achieve this goal, they turned their attention to the venerated realm of video marketing, with a concerted effort to craft a diverse array of videos that would leverage the medium’s visual and auditory elements to the fullest.

These well-crafted videos were designed with the singular purpose of educating their audience about the numerous benefits of their product, ranging from optimal comfort to ergonomic design. However, their impact transcended mere product promotion, as they proved to be the magical elixir that transformed Casper’s fortunes, propelling them from a humble beginning of $0 to an enviable $100 million within the remarkably short span of just three years.

What made Casper’s video marketing so successful?

1. They educated their audience: Along with storytelling tactics of the brands we discussed before, educating the audience on the topic is essential. Casper did the very thing with the help of videos. The videos were designed to teach people about the benefits of their product. This greatly helped the brand to stay relatively close to their audience.

2. They used emotion: Emotions speak greater than words. That old quote is more than just a quote when discussing marketing. The users look to connect with the brand by stories and emotions, and when the videos were emotional and relatable, it made the brand connect with their audience easily.

3. They were different: Different is not just a word. Difference is about authenticity. Authenticity of brand defines the quality of the video. A repeated or shallow video would not make the impact the way an orginal video does. Videos that were unique and different from anything else that was out there helped the brand stand out.

Authenticity and knowledge are at the core of casper that helped the brand achieve success and if you are in the same way looking to promote your product or service, Casper is a great example to follow.

#5 Code.org

Code.org, a laudable non-profit organization that champions the cause of computer science education, embarked on a daunting mission to cater to a niche demographic – children. With a firm resolve to empower the future generation with the knowledge of coding, they found themselves confronted with the perplexing question of how to effectively reach out to their intended audience.

To address this conundrum, they devised a clever strategy of producing a series of videos that leveraged the massive pull of renowned celebrities such as Mark Zuckerberg and Will.i.am, who expounded upon the immeasurable value of learning to code. These videos were an instant hit, captivating millions of viewers and surging Code.org towards the lofty pinnacles of success, as it triumphantly attained its objectives.

What made Code.org’s video marketing so successful?

1. They featured celebrities: By leveraging the magnetism of prominent personalities, they astutely captivated the attention of their desired demographic—juvenile consumers with a penchant for celebrity culture. Through a strategic implementation of high-profile personalities, they successfully ensnared the focus of their target market and engendered an aura of exclusivity and trendiness.

2. They used humor: With a deft touch of humor, they defied convention and transformed the mundane into the amusing. Through the injection of wit and whimsy, their videos became a source of entertainment and levity, capturing and retaining the interest of their audience with aplomb.

3. They had a clear message: With an unwavering focus on lucidity and precision, their message was transmitted with clarity and brevity. Through an expert application of concise and straightforward communication, they effectively imparted the significance of acquiring coding skills, ensuring that their intended message was delivered with unmistakable conviction and purpose.

Code.org video marketing is an example of humor and education mixed. This is another set of notion in the industry that succeeds to impress people with wit and intelligence.

#6 5-Minute Crafts

How preposterous, yet how true – 5-Minute Crafts has managed to amass a colossal subscriber base on YouTube, solely on the merit of its DIY and how-to videos.

Since its inception in 2015, the channel has steadily accumulated a staggering 41 million subscribers, carving out a niche as the quintessential go-to for individuals seeking to learn (or, at the very least, simulate proficiency in) rudimentary household chores.

The meteoric rise of 5-Minute Crafts can be attributed, in large part, to the exceptional brevity and directness of their videos, which cater to the demands of viewers with attention spans resembling that of a goldfish.

Moreover, their masterful usage of humor serves to add an entertaining edge to their videos, elevating them to a league of their own and endearing them to their viewership.

So, if you’re looking for a way to use video to reach a wide audience, 5-Minute Crafts is a great example to follow, but be aware of the backlash you might get too.

#7 GoPro

GoPro is a company that makes action cameras. When the company launched in 2004, it knew that it needed to find a way to stand out in the competitive camera market.

They did this by using video to show people the potential of their product. They created a series of videos that featured extreme sports and other adventurous activities. These videos were so effective that they helped GoPro to grow from a small startup to a multimillion-dollar company.

What made GoPro’s video marketing so successful?

1. They showed the potential of their product: Through an expertly crafted visual narrative, they skillfully showcased the full breadth of the capabilities of their product, presenting it in a way that illustrated its potential and value proposition. By conveying the product’s myriad possibilities with a masterful blend of artistry and technical skill, they were able to paint a vivid and compelling picture of its utility, thus eliciting an emotive response from their audience.

2. They used emotion: With a penetrating and powerful deployment of emotion, their videos evoked a visceral and intense reaction from their viewers. By harnessing the full spectrum of human feeling, they were able to craft a multimedia experience that resonated on a deep and personal level, forging a connection between audience and brand that transcended traditional marketing techniques.

3. They were different: By venturing boldly into uncharted territory, they were able to chart a course that diverged significantly from the established norms of their industry. Embracing their uniqueness and leveraging it as a point of differentiation, they fashioned an identity that was unapologetically distinct, a brand that stood out from the crowd and left an indelible impression on all who encountered it.

The potential of your product is it’s video marketing strategy and the video of the product defining its characterstics. If your brand is one of the many looks to atttact viewers through the world of video, this one example is sure to take you the top charts of the industry.

#8 American Greetings

American Greetings, a venerable greeting card company with over a century of history, boldly ventured into the digital realm by launching its e-card service in 1999. However, they faced the daunting challenge of engaging an audience of people who were too time-poor to send traditional physical cards.

To surmount this hurdle, they turned to video marketing as their weapon of choice. American Greetings astutely crafted a series of videos featuring renowned celebrities utilizing the platform to send e-cards, thereby bolstering their brand image and driving traffic to their site.

The results were astounding as the videos rapidly garnered millions of views, paving the way for American Greetings to achieve its desired objectives and cement its standing in the ever-evolving world of greeting cards.

What made American Greetings’ video marketing so successful?

1. They knew their target audience: Busy people who didn’t have time to send physical cards. American greetings has just that in mind. Their target audience were the busy people and the employed masses who have been accustomed to the digital space widely.

2. They created content that was entertaining and informative: The videos were not only entertaining but the videos also featured celebrities sending e-cards. This helped the users to find the brand interesting and trustworthy.

3. They made it easy for their target audience to take action: The videos had a call-to-action that directed viewers to the American Greetings website. CTA is a great skill used by the brands to navigate the users attention to the brand message. The users are now focused on trying out the brand name with just some motivation and wit.

4. They used celebrities to reach a wider audience: As discussed earlier, the videos featured famous celebrities sending e-cards, which helped to generate millions of views. The celebrity or influencer culture had widely influenced the users to make purchase decisions over the past decade.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, if you’re looking for a way to use video to reach your target audience, American Greetings is a great example to follow.

How To Plan And Execute A Successful Marketing Campaign In 9 Steps

Planning and executing a video marketing campaign can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Although successful marketing campaign examples served the right inspiration, here are our 9 tips to viral advertising.

By following these nine steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful video marketing campaign that will help you to achieve your business goals.

1. Know your audience: This is not a rocket science, it is the first and most important step in delivering the brand message. You need to know who you’re trying to reach with your video. For suppose, if your brand is a brand focused on delivering books, your target audience are largely in the ages of 10 to 30, and so on. Each question on what your brand wants and looks for will help you determine the best strategy for your video marketing efforts.

2. Set your goals: What do you want to achieve with your video? Are you looking to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or make sales? These are the questions you should ask before launching a video marketing campaign. Discuss your goals and come up with your defined narrative.

3. Choose your platform: Where will you host your video? YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram? There are several platforms where you can start video marketing efforts, however only few platforms are known to your target audiences and used largely.

4. Create your video: This is the fun part! Start creating your video content. It is as simple as that. However, be creative, authentic, and make sure, you are relevant.

5. Optimize your video: Once your video is created, make sure to optimize it for SEO. SEO is a must for any marketing efforts, so is for video marketing.

6. Promote your video: Get the word out about your video by promoting it on social media, on your website, and through email marketing. There are several techniques how, but it largely depends on your brand and your goals.

7. Measure your results: Keep track of your video’s performance by measuring its views, engagement, and conversions.

8. Adjust your strategy: Based on the results you’ve seen, adjust your strategy accordingly. This will allow the brand to know their metrics and how successful their video marketing efforts were.

9. Rinse and repeat: Rinse and repeat steps 1-8 to continue growing your business with video marketing.

By following these nine steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful video marketing campaign that will help you to achieve your business goals.

The Takeaway

Though these brands are very different from each other, they all have one thing in common: They used digital marketing videos strategy to reach their target audiences and achieve their goals. Successful marketing campaign examples are not only about a brand success but how they achieved their goals despite the challenges and risks of the digital media.

As you can see, when done right, viral advertising and video marketing can be an extremely effective way to connect with your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

Now that you know how powerful viral advertising can be, it’s time to start planning your video marketing campaign. Luckily, we’ve got a guide to help you get started. Check out our other articles for more information. And if you need help getting started, 12 Channels subject matter experts.

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