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Types Of SMS Marketing: Best Of 2022


In the vast expanse of the marketing landscape, myriad types of SMS marketing strategies exist, each with its distinct set of benefits and drawbacks. To discover the most optimal marketing approach for your business, it is imperative to grasp the diverse array of options that are at your disposal. With great diligence, we will expound upon the manifold SMS marketing techniques, unraveling their intricate workings and delving into the nuances that make them so distinct. Furthermore, we shall meticulously scrutinize the many facets of SMS marketing itself, meticulously examining the advantages and disadvantages of implementing this method into your marketing repertoire.

types of sms marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing represents a modern marketing strategy that involves the use of text messages to engage with prospective or current customers. Its versatile nature permits it to be leveraged for various marketing objectives, including the dissemination of promotional offers, the conveyance of reminders, or the mere maintenance of communication with one’s customer base. Given its nascent status, the efficacy of SMS marketing is still regarded by many as an ambiguous matter, with a great many individuals expressing a degree of uncertainty regarding its underlying mechanisms and efficacy.

Pros and Cons of SMS Marketing

The upside to SMS marketing

While there are several types of sms marketing strategies, each strategy comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Delving deeper into the intricacies of SMS marketing, one may find a plethora of pros and cons inherent to each individual approach. On the upside, SMS marketing stands as an exceedingly personal method of communicating with your customer base. G

iven that the vast majority of individuals keep their mobile devices on their person at all times, the likelihood of successfully reaching your target audience increases exponentially. This, in turn, allows for a greater potential for customer engagement and loyalty. Not to be overlooked is the considerable cost-effectiveness that SMS marketing confers, particularly when contrasted with more traditional marketing techniques, such as television or radio advertisements.

The downside to SMS marketing

Whilst SMS marketing may seem an attractive prospect, it carries with it a salient downside: namely, the potential for intrusion. Indeed, if executed improperly, diverse SMS marketing approaches run the risk of being deemed as bothersome by their recipients. Sending a superfluous number of messages or conveying content that is deemed irrelevant to one’s customer base can rapidly trigger an adverse reaction, leading to a disavowal of one’s marketing campaign.

Furthermore, it is imperative to acknowledge that the effectiveness of SMS marketing is inextricably linked to the acquisition of a database replete with mobile phone numbers. Such an acquisition is not without its difficulties, particularly for those seeking to build such a database from scratch, sans an existing customer base.

When to Use SMS Marketing?

Certainly, SMS marketing stands as a superlative tool, one that is equally efficacious for businesses both great and small. However, like any tool in one’s repository, it is crucial that it be exercised with caution and judgement, to prevent it from becoming a loss rather than a boon. To this end, it is required upon you to ensure that any SMS marketing messaging you send is both relevant and captivating to your customer base, for it is only through providing content of genuine interest that you may successfully engage and retain your target audience.

Moreover, the danger of flooding your customers with an excess of messages looms ever present. Hence, you need to strike a rational balance when sending SMS messages, lest you risk provoking your customers’ ire and isolating them. Finally, you also have to hoard a vast and comprehensive database of mobile phone numbers at your disposal, for it is only by casting your net as wide as possible that you may hope to maximize the potential impact of your SMS marketing endeavors.

Types Of SMS Marketing

There are two types of SMS marketing: transactional and marketing

Transactional Messages

Transactional dispatches are those that are transferred in response to an action that the client has taken. For illustration, a transactional communication might be transferred in response to a client placing an order or requesting further information about a product. Transactional dispatches are generally one- way dispatches that don’t bear a response from the client.

How to use Transactional Messages

There are a many transactional marketing tools available, which can be used to great effect to reach and engage guests. The most common transactional marketing tool is the SMS shortcode. This is a five or six- number number that guests can text to admit information about a product or service. For illustration, a client might text “ word ” to a shortcode to admit information about a new product.

Another transactional marketing tool is the MMS shortcode. This is analogous to an SMS short law, but it allows businesses to shoot multimedia dispatches similar as images and vids. MMS shortcodes are a great way to engage guests and promote your products or services more interactively.

Transactional SMS marketing campaigns examples:

SMS Marketing Campaign #1. American Apparel – “New arrivals”

When you subscribe up for the American Apparel mailing list, you admit a textbook communication with a link to a new arrival runner on the American Apparel website. This crusade or the campaign is a great illustration of how transactional SMS marketing can be used to promote special offers and drive business to your website.

SMS Marketing Campaign #2. Gilt Groupe – “Private sale”

Gilt Groupe regularly sends out textbook dispatches to members of their mailing list, waking them to private deals that are taking place on the Gilt Groupe website. This is a great illustration of how transactional SMS marketing can be used to increase client loyalty towards the brand and drive deals.

SMS Marketing Campaign #3. Starbucks – “Happy hour”

Starbucks’ loyalty program is used to warn members of special deals on drinks, like their succulent frappes and indulgent lattes. These SMS dispatches allow them the chance for some rebates at your original Starbucks store!

Marketing Messages

Marketing messages, on the other hand, are those that are transferred to promote a product or service. These messages are generally transferred regularly and are designed to encourage guests to make a purchase. For illustration, a marketing communication might promote a new product or offer a reduction on a purchase. Unlike transactional messages, marketing messages are generally two- way communication modems that allow a response from the client.

How to use Marketing Messages

When it comes to these marketing messages, there are a many different options available. One option is to use an SMS long code. This is a ten- number number that businesses can use to send out marketing messages to their clients or customers. Long codes are a great way if you are someone who want to reach a large number of people with your marketing efforts.

There is also another option in the market for the marketing messages. The MMS long code. Just like, SMS long codes, MMS long codes are also 10 digit numbers that allow businesses to send out multimedia messages to their customers. This is a great way for brands to engage with their customers in bulk and keep promoting their new products or services more interactively.

Can’t I use shortcodes for Marketing Messages?

Yes, it is possible to use shortcodes for marketing messages and is also an effective method. Shortcodes are commonly five or six-digit numbers that brands can use to send marketing messages to their customers. When looking to send out messages to a larger set of people, shortcodes are very handy, and also economical.

Eventually, the decision of which type of SMS marketing to use will come down to what you hope to achieve with your marketingcampaign. However, also using a long law or a shortcode will be the most effective option, If you want to reach a large number of people with your marketing efforts. Still, if you’re simply trying to keep in touch with your customers or give them with information about your products, also using a transactional communication will be the most applicable option.

Marketing SMS marketing campaign examples:

1.  McDonald’s – “Free coffee”

On the top of the list is McD. In this campaign, McDonald’s offered guests a free small coffee when they showed their text messages at the drive thru. This turned out to be a great way to promote their new line of McCafe coffees and encourage people to try them out.

2. Nike – “New product release”

Nike on the other hand had set out to send out text messages to member of their mailing list, alerting them to new product releases. We often do get several promotional messages from these brands to get ahead in the market and know the trending purchases in the industry. This too turned out to be great for Nike as it helped them create hype around their new products and drive sales.

3. Old Navy – “Sale”

Just like Nike, Old Navy too opted the same method of sending out promotional offers to everyone on their mailing list, including the special sales that are taking place in stores. This encouraged several of their customers to visit their stores and buy out the products before they ran out of the discounts. This created a FOMO in their customers and hence has driven sales largely.

Which Of The Types of SMS Marketing is Right for My Business?

One of the different types of SMS marketing that’s right for your business will depend on your goals and objectives. However, also selling messages will be more applicable, If you’re looking to promote a new product or offer a rebate. Still, if you’re simply trying to keep in touch with your customers or give them with information about your products, also transactional communication will be more suitable. Eventually, the decision of which of the types of SMS marketing to use will come down to what you hope to achieve with your marketing campaign efforts.

What Is SMS Marketing Software?

SMS marketing software constitutes a pivotal form of software for businesses seeking to engage with existing or potential customers via text messages. Yet, it is essential to recognize that the diverse software options available to businesses carry with them a complex web of advantages and drawbacks. The spectrum of SMS marketing software programs encompasses such popular options as TextMagic, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and MXTreme, among others.

How do different Types of SMS Marketing Softwares Work?

To gain a more nuanced understanding of how SMS marketing software operates, one must first apprehend that disparate software types operate in different ways. Indeed, some software alternatives permit businesses to dispatch text messages directly to customers’ phones, while others proffer an interface that enables the creation and dissemination of texts through a web-based platform.

Moreover, particular types of SMS marketing software offer the capacity for businesses to monitor the extent to which their texts are being opened and read, a feature that is not uniformly available across the entirety of software options.

Top SMS Marketing Softwares


Top on the list is Tatango. A popular SMS marketing software that has allowed businesses to send text messages to customers or potential customers. The SMS marketing software is known to have a wide range of features making it a valuable tool for businesses.

  • Tatango provides a web-based interface that is easy to use and send out messages.
  • It is widely known to offer tracking capabilities, that helps brands to track the proportion of messages read in comparision with the ones sent out.
  • Automated text messages campaigns are one of the most used feature of Tatango.
  • Tatango integrates with a variety of popular CRM software programs.
Tatango pricing plans

Its free plan permits the sending of up to 150 text messages per month, a resourceful tool for those seeking to initiate or augment their marketing campaigns. Moreover, Tatango offers a paid plan commencing at $49 per month, equipping businesses with the capability of transmitting up to 10,000 text messages each month.


Another player in the market is ClickSend. It is a robust bulk SMS marketing software that empowers businesses to dispatch one or multiple text messages concurrently to a sizeable group of people. With the capacity to personalize each message, ClickSend offers an avenue for elevating engagement and response rates among recipients.

  • The ability to customize each message to client liking
  • A wide range of template options
  • Bulk messaging options to send out at once
  • Detailed reporting and analytics to revise marketing efforts if needed
  • A user-friendly interface that allows to navigate easily

One of the many merits of ClickSend is the availability of a free trial, affording businesses the opportunity to experiment with the software’s features and ascertain its efficacy before committing to a paid plan.

ClickSend pricing plans

The basic plan, which starts at $19 per month, allows businesses the capability of transmitting up to 1,000 text messages, a suitable option for those with modest marketing targets. The pro plan, on the other hand, initiates at $49 per month and allows for the sending of up to 10,000 text messages, presenting a more extensive solution for businesses seeking to engage with a larger audience.

For businesses with great aspirations, the enterprise plan proffers an avenue for sending up to 100,000 text messages per month, but at a price point commencing at $199 per month. This plan is ideal for businesses with an expansive customer base and ambitious marketing objectives, requiring a reliable and potent tool to execute their SMS marketing campaigns.


Different types of SMS marketing softwares offer different benefits, however, Twilio popularly is a cloud communications platform that enables businesses to make and receive phone calls and text messages. It’s simple to use, with a user-friendly interface, and has a wide range of features that businesses can take advantage of.

  • Route calls and texts to the right people with the advanced routing options Twilio has to offer
  • Automated responses features allows you to save time and resources
  • Tracking results is easier with Twilio and this helps to revise your campaign if required
Twilio pricing plans

Twilio caters to businesses of all stripes and sizes.

  • The Core plan, tailored for small businesses, provides a no-frills approach that facilitates the transmission and reception of calls and texts without superfluous features or extravagant trimmings.
  • For businesses seeking a tad more sophistication and nuance, the Pro plan represents a compelling alternative, affording features like voicemail, call forwarding, and caller ID, facilitating more comprehensive and intricate communications.
  • For businesses with intricate, multifaceted communication requirements, the Enterprise plan is the clear choice, providing an all-encompassing solution replete with cutting-edge features like call recording, conference calling, and toll-free numbers.

With Twilio, businesses of any size can be certain that they will find a pricing plan tailored to their specific requirements, maximizing the efficacy and reach of their communications.


MxTreme is a important SMS marketing software that offers numerous features and benefits to help businesses increase deals and grow their client base. Some of the crucial features include:

Bulk SMS: MxTreme allows businesses to send out bulk SMS dispatches to large groups of people snappily and fluently. This is a great way to reach out to implicit guests or promote special offers and rebates or discounts.

Personalization: MxTreme allows businesses to epitomize their SMS dispatches so that each client feels like they’re entering a communication acclimatized specifically for them. This is a great way to increase client engagement and fidelity.

Scheduling: MxTreme provides businesses with the capability to record their SMS dispatches in advance. This is a great way to insure that your dispatches are transferred at the most optimal time for your target followership.

Reporting: This SMS marketing software also offers detailed reporting features that allow businesses to track the performance of their SMS marketing campaigns. This is a precious way to measure the success of your marketing sweats and make necessary adaptations.

Overall, out of the lot of different types of SMS marketing softwares available in the request, MxTreme is a important SMS marketing software that offers numerous features and benefits that can help businesses increase deals and grow their clientbase. However, also MxTreme is a great option to consider, If you’re looking for a way to reach out to further guests and promote your business.

MxTreme Pricing Plans

MxTreme offers a variety of pricing plans to suit the requirements of businesses of all sizes. The Basic plan is ideal for small businesses, while the Professional and Enterprise plans are perfect for larger businesses. All of the plans include access to the crucial features of MxTreme, similar as bulk SMS messaging and personalization.

The Professional and Enterprise plan also include access to fresh features, similar as reporting and scheduling.

To learn further about MxTreme and its pricing plans, visit their website.


TextMagic is a bulk SMS marketing software that allows businesses to shoot out textbook dispatches to large groups of people simultaneously. It helps the users to host different types of SMS marketing campaigns and is a great way to promote special deals, tickets, or indeed just to keep guests streamlined on what is going on.

One of the great effects about SMS marketing is that it’s extremely protean and can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • Promotions and coupons
  • Appointment reminders
  • Event notifications
  • Shipping updates
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

SMS marketing is also a popular way that businesses use to stay in touch witht their customers and build strong relationships. With the help of Textmagic, these businesses can easily juggle between sending out bulk messages and personalized messages all at once, in just a few clicks.

TextMagic Pricing Plans

Textmagic has several pricing plans according to your goals, and you can choose a pay-as-you-go plan, which starts at just 2 cents per text, or you can choose a monthly plan, which starts at $10 per month. Remember that the monthly plan includes unlimited texts, and you can also send out mass emails for free, while the other is a limited version of the plan, where you have options to choose features and pay more as you go.

Getting started with TextMagic

To get started with TextMagic, it only requires you to obtain a list of contacts and draft a message to transmit. There are two ways to input the contacts, either manually or through the uploading of a CSV file. Once you have the contacts at hand, you can start categorizing them into different groups, such as customers, employees, and vendors, to enable the efficient sending of mass texts.

After segmenting your contact list, you can commence drafting and sending messages using TextMagic’s diverse range of templates, or you can create a unique one. Besides, scheduling the transmission of messages at a later date and time is possible, providing enhanced flexibility.

In the end, TextMagic is a remarkable SMS marketing software solution for bulk messaging, among the various types of SMS marketing softwares obtainable today. With a comprehensive range of features and adaptability, TextMagic is a user-friendly platform and an excellent way to maintain communication with customers.


SMS marketing, at first glance, might appear like a straightforward strategy to implement. However, in reality, it is a complex endeavor, given the wide range of SMS marketing techniques that currently exist. Yet, if we break it down into smaller pieces and focus on its fundamental aspects, we can identify only a handful types of SMS marketing options that are useful. By comprehending the fundamentals of each type, businesses can cherry-pick the most suitable approach for their particular needs and can begin leveraging the potential of this dominant marketing tool.

At 12 Channels, we stand at the forefront of business SMS solutions, providing you with the tools and resources necessary to propel your enterprise to new heights. Our platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling seamless sending and receiving of text messages from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

Our all-encompassing management features allow for the effortless organization and management of all your vital contacts, groups, and messages, all from a single, centralized location. And should you require any further assistance or guidance, our team of seasoned experts stand ready and able to provide you with the support and counsel necessary to achieve your goals. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our unparalleled suite of SMS marketing solutions.

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