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4 Inspiring Social Media Campaigns Of All Time


At present, the market is entirely different from the traditional market. DOOH, also known as digital-out-of-home marketing is a booming marketing medium, especially businesses raving about the social media campaigns.

One need not knock on every single door to approach their customers, one need not run behind newspapers to get the right product, one need not worry about wearing a foreign brand and one need not scuffle with the barriers of global transportation. 

Since the present generation is completely technologized. From talking to a person to catching them live, you need not spend 100 and 1000 bucks to get a glimpse. A man sitting in the middle of an ocean can even talk to a man who is at the top of Everest, if and only if they have a proper connection between the networks.

Similarly to spread something worldwide, you’ve to build networks to communicate with your required personnel. And Social Media Marketing is that medium that connects a brand with its customers through social media websites and platforms. These social media campaigns are such an example of how they made it witht their strategies! Let us take a look.

What Is SMM?

In simple words, it refers to a marketing channel of digital marketing where a business or an individual can advertise, promote or sell their products, ideas, or content to their customers with the help of social media. With the help of this one can easily reach out to their brand and can easily get their products. It is equally beneficial for the business owners as well as for the customers. A business can easily transport its products from one corner of the world to another corner. 

It is a type of separate world where business content and customers meet to satisfy their needs, demands, and desires or exchange goods, services, and ideas through social media.

When it comes to SMM there are certain things you’ve to understand before starting and implementing your plan of action.

What Are Social Media Marketing Campaigns?

Marketing campaigns are the coordinating marketing efforts that reinforce information about a brand, product, and service using at least any of the social media platforms. The business needs to run Social Media Ad Campaigns. There are a lot of benefits behind using social media ad campaigns as a marketing tool in their marketing strategy.

Different businesses deal in different domains, so you’ve to think better than the different businesses as well as better than your competitors, according to your line of dealing to be at the top of the list. 

This article is specially made for people who are new to opening a business using social media platforms. We’ll be going to cover why marketing campaigns are important for businesses and what are a few top smm campaigns.

Let’s see why marketing campaigns are important for your business.

Why are marketing campaigns important in terms of social media marketing?

If a particular thing is affecting something in a very positive manner and is providing a quality response then it becomes a must for the marketers to use them while building the business on social media platforms. 

Marketing campaigns are mandatory for the business in so many ways. It can provide you with all your fruits without adding any extraordinary type of marketing effort.

Ad campaigns are said to be one of the major and crucial marketing tools that helps a business to grow and survive in the market for a longer period. It provides astounding and unexpected results to the business. 

We’ve listed certain benefits that a business gets from marketing campaigns. It includes:

Reach target audience

It will become very long if a business goes through the internet to find customers, randomly. Through social media ad campaigns, you can easily reach a wide group of audiences in the social media.

By this, you can easily separate your target audience from the normal audience. This will help you to get a better picture of your target audience and stay connected with them.

Engage with customers

Ad campaigns are mainly based on attracting the attention of customers. Ad campaigns will result in all the benefits through which you can easily engage with your customers.

Through ad campaigns, you can easily reach and engage with your various types of customers. They may be your existing or new audience.

Frequent engagement with customers will help you to build several opportunities for your business.

Create brand loyalty

Ad campaigns mainly attract the attention of the customers. Through narrating a story to engage the customers in the campaign, it’s up to you to make your ad campaign an effective and targeting one.

Make sure you engage with your customers at regular intervals because it’ll help you to make your brand a recognizable one and helps in creating brand loyalty.

Increase website traffic

Since the main motive behind an ad campaign is to attract the audience towards a particular domain, by creating a passage for the customers to visit your main business website you can drive traffic to your official website. 

Linking the Attachments, showing offers, revealing the rewards, and describing the products will easily get you a good amount of website traffic.

Drive sales

The main objective of every business is to increase the number of sales and social media ad campaigns are directly related to driving sales. 

Amidst the noise of advertising, our steadfast mission is to artfully weave together an alluring tapestry of content, stories, and experiences, meticulously tailored to capture the hearts and minds of a diverse and multifaceted audience.

With an eye trained unwaveringly on the ultimate goal of conversion, we laboriously strive to engage and enthrall potential customers, ensnaring them in our captivating web of marketing wizardry. By leveraging the full spectrum of our creative talents and expertise, we deftly orchestrate a veritable symphony of sensory stimulation, carefully calibrated to elicit the desired response from our target audience.

Best social media campaigns of all the time

Through the lens of content composition and engagement, the success of an ad campaign cannot be attained solely by creating meritorious content, for it necessitates the involvement of the audience. A robust marketing strategy coupled with efficacious communication to the target customers alongside the judicious amalgamation of content to fit the desired strategy is of utmost importance. This quintessential aspect of social media campaigning is often overlooked, which leads to the failure of many advertising campaigns.

Thus, we present to you a curated collection of the top-tier social media campaigns executed by the most eminent and distinguished brands and companies across the globe.

#1 Disney #ShareYourEars

In the waning moments of 2018, Disney unveiled a bold and awe-inspiring ad campaign, showcasing its unwavering commitment to social welfare by forging a partnership with the prodigious non-profit organization, Make-a-wish.

social media campaigns

Under the ambit of this campaign, Disney pledged to donate $5 per post for every picture posted on their social media platforms featuring the iconic Mickey Mouse ears, thereby stimulating the sense of communal engagement and generating visually riveting content to captivate the hearts of the masses. This noble effort by Disney yielded an overwhelming degree of approbation and goodwill, as evidenced by the astounding 330% increase in reach of Make-a-wish, coupled with an exponential surge of 554% in customer engagement, alongside an average audience growth rate of 13% across multiple platforms.

#2 Apple #ShotOniPhone

Apple’s #ShotOniPhone campaign is the most successful campaign of 2021


This campaign is mainly for featuring audience content like photos and videos which were taken from an iPhone. Many users got involved in showcasing their pictures on the Billboard.

This campaign helped in creating user-generated content and involved the audience in the campaign, which was beyond the imagination. Artists were used to showcasing their photography and videography skills with this iPhone without using expensive photography gear, by using the hashtag. 

#3 Nike: Dream Crazier

In this campaign, Nike starred Serena Williams for creating content, reflecting the hurdles and problems that women athletes faced in this male-dominated world.

They have chosen popular faces to run this ad campaign so that they can attract a larger audience and influence the people who are having the craziest dreams to achieve shortly.

#4 Starbucks: The Unicorn Frappuccino 

Since it’s a human tendency to get bored after using certain things for frequent time intervals. Hence, Starbucks decided to create something bright, attractive, and effective other than just running behind coffee.

They used mythical content like Unicorns and blended cream with magic, to make their product a unique and enticing one. Starbucks has created a limited-time offer through which they’ve generated a wonderful number of new audiences. They’ve provided free content props and made the entire campaign fun so that it will attract more and more customers.


Ad campaigns play a very crucial role in social media marketing. Marketing campaigns make a major difference between the business that’s following and the business that isn’t. The business that does ad campaigns gets more and more opportunities. 

Without social media campaigns, it will become very difficult for the business to drive sales, increase website traffic, have proper engagement with the customers, and manage building brand awareness and reputation. And if you need help getting started, here at 12 channels, we specialize in helping businesses break down barriers and pursue high dreams!

Learn how to harness the power of social media with our experts. We’ll give you a free consultation and help throughout your entire campaign at 12 channels! You have time to make a change, you just need the motivation. Contact us and get started today! 

Whether you are looking to host the next big campaign in the market or harness the power of social media to convert your audiences to customers, we, the 12Channels will help you be the change, the businesses today are looking up to!

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