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Customers & Social Media Marketing – A Perfect Duo


‘Social Media’, a library that fits virtual contents instead of novels. And fortunately, it also allows the one who enters into that world to market anything.

This is what is called Social Media Marketing in the language of digital marketing.

Converting leads into customers on social media. It’s not about finding the audience but getting the best out of the best customers and potential clients for a business. Having a confident customer base is very important for immense growth and for long-term survival.

Not all the followers or audiences that are associated with your business are your customers. So to make them or nurture them into customers, the marketers have to plan out of the box. As planning everything is the key to healthy success similarly planning for converting leads into customers is also the key to overall growth and development.

The right type of audience will lead the business from the front, indirectly. To give utmost justice to this statement, we’d like to highlight the importance of the role that social media target audiences carry in a business. 

From finding the audiences and targeting the customers to nurture them to become unpaid influencers, it becomes very important for you to initiate proper management with accurate and best marketing strategies.

To make it possible, we’ve presented this article solely for your business. So let’s get started and find the customer relations.

Importance Of Audience For Social Media Marketing

Before taking you towards your customer relagtions, we’d like you to have complete knowledge about the importance of customers for SMM.

Since business and customer relations are directly related to each other, one is incomplete without the other. 

The mutual dependency between both makes it very important to consider before making any financial or marketing decision. 

47% of consumers believe that strong customer service makes a brand the best-in-class on social media. 


Increase in sales 

It is rightly said that the customers are solely responsible for the transactions of a business. Whether it’s for purchase or sales, regardless of the manner of the transaction, customer relations are the most important. 

Without converting leads into customers, a business or a company cannot expect any option for sales of its products and services. Customers are the only group, which can help the business increase the number of sales. 

Drive revenues

A business, regardless of the source of dealing cannot expect any revenue if the business has not done any sales. Without sales, a business cannot sustain even for a single minute in the market. There are certain conditions of marketing, that need to be achieved 

So to drive revenues, a business must increase the number of transactions by increasing the number of sales. If the business fails to attend to customer relations, then it cannot drive revenues.

This will stop the entire business cycle including production and management. 

Promotes product awareness

It becomes very important if a business is carrying a healthy relationship with its customers.

You need to engage with your customers at regular intervals. This will help you to drive better intentions of the customers and the customer relations will promote the product and brand awareness. 

No matter how big your advertising budget is, if your audience is not accepting the products and services, and not indirectly promoting their own, you cannot fulfill your marketing objectives.

Knowing the interest

If you’d like to make your business sustain for a longer period in the market then you’ve to go with the marketing flow.

Market changes from time to time. Customers’ interests, choices, and desires are unpredictable. One cannot predict what their customers will be expecting shortly. To understand them in-depth, you must have an excellent customer relations base. 

Only your customers can indeed show you their interests, choices, needs, demands, and preferences. So to have a better knowledge of the market, you must focus on your social media target audience.

Quality feedback and suggestions

A human will only learn from its failures, similarly, a business will only grow by covering its loopholes. 

To understand the impact of your business, products, and services on your customers, you must ask your customers to give feedback and suggestions.

Customer feedback and suggestions are very important for the production and management of a business.

How To Convert Customers Into Unpaid Influencers?

Statistics tell that around 86% of marketers are willing to spend extra to attract customer relations.

Converting the customers into unpaid influencers is the most essential and difficult task. It’s not easy to convert the image of a business in the eyes of audiences. It is called the customer advocacy.

You must focus your arrow on the central part to get this task done. This central part consists of all the required points that are essential for turning the customers into micro-influencers and promoters.

Here’s a summary of the central part:

#1 Give reason to purchase

A man does nothing if nothing has a reason. Similarly, a customer only purchases something which has a reason for our purchase.

Before doing anything, you must focus on the presentation of your content. The more creative and attractive your content, the more reasons you’ll give your customers to purchase your product. 

Make sure to put extra effort into the quality of the content because quality attracts more buyers’ and purchasers’ attention.

#2 Engage with the team

Customer engagement is very important for the business, regardless of the line they are dealing with. 

By engaging with customers at regular intervals, you can make your customers understand that they are also a part of your business. This feeling will help you to achieve around 70% of your marketing objectives.

Frequent communication will help the business to know customers exactly and helps in getting a better picture of the factors influencing consumer behavior.

#3 Implement referral programs

Implementation of referral programs is a type of attention-grabbing marketing strategy. 

By implementing referral programs you can easily attract more individuals. As it helps in building a responsibility of the business units towards their customer relations and thus behavior is enough to catch the eyeballs of customers.

#4 Collect Reviews

Ever heard, why compliments are necessary?

I guess no because compliments or reviews are highly essential for an individual and also for a business. Collecting reviews about the products from various social media platforms will help you to get a proper report of your product’s response in the market. 

Understanding the performance of your product or content is very important for the business. It further helps in financial and management decision-making.

How Does Social Media Influence Consumer Behaviour?

We’d like to add this question to the list of frequently asked questions. 

Have you ever wondered why many people are showing more importance to this question?

social media

We hope your answer is Yes and it’s correct. Social media influences consumers in so many ways. 

Builds product awareness

To build awareness about a particular product or content, marketers use social media because the influence rate is higher.

By sharing the essential details of a product on social media, you will have more chances of high visits to your website as social media helps in increasing the reach as well.

Every business aims at influencing consumer behavior and if your business is not having adequate brand presence then there are very fewer chances for growth and survival in the market.

Social media influencers

It is a human tendency to accept the suggestion from a person whom we trust and believe.

Consumers also will buy the products when they are recommended by a person whom they obey and trust. So connecting to the customers by taking influencers as a medium is a great idea indeed.

Influencers are good at showcasing their products and brands in front of audiences with a very effective and great approach. Therefore, more of the audiences accept the recommendation of their favorite influencers.

Promotions, discounts, referrals, and deals 

P – Promotion

D – Discounts

R – Referrals

D – Deals

PDRD is an effective marketing tool that helps the business to interact with the factors influencing consumer behavior. These four terms are very crucial in front of the eyes of the market.

This is proven to be an effective tool because it easily attracts customers to the content that businesses want to spread.

It also helps in building brand awareness and also helps in driving the number of sales.

Social proof

Social proof plays a major role in influencing the behavior of consumers. As humans have now become social animals and it became our habit to use other people to determine the correct information.

Social proof mostly impacts the person who is having a good relationship with the social media target audience. Hence, this will help the business to reach easily towards their customers.


Consumers are next to gods for all types of business. Without customer relations the SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING means nothing. We cannot assume the business will sustain and survive for a long period in the market if the business fails in meeting the expectations of its customers.

Customers’ interests, choices, and preferences matter a lot for any kind of business. So understanding customer relations before moving to the market is very important.

If you get to know-how about the factors influencing consumer behavior then you can easily accomplish your targets and meet your marketing goals and objectives in Social media marketing. And if you need help getting started, here at 12 channels, we specialize in helping businesses break down barriers and pursue high dreams!

Learn how to harness the power of social media with our experts. We’ll give you a free consultation and help throughout your entire campaign at 12 channels! You have time to make a change, you just need the motivation. Contact us and get started today! 

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