12 Channels

Digital Marketing as Service


Introducing Digital Marketing as Service - DMaS


  1. Website, Mobile App & CRM 

  2. Content Writing

  3. Search Engine Marketing

  4. Search Engine Optimisation

  5. Social Media Marketing

  6. Chatbot – AI

  7. Affiliate Marketing

  8. Mobile Marketing

  9. Email Marketing

  10. SMS Marketing

  11. Video Marketing

  12. Influencer Marketing

The inefficiency of coordinating with multiple agencies for different marketing services is a grave concern. The time and resources lost in such a process are staggering. Surely there must be a better way. And yes, we heard you.

Followed by an intense brainstorming session, we first coined a concept that we consider a breakthrough in the history of digital network marketing. The DMAS, Digital Marketing as Service, is the perfect way to connect all 12 channels of online advertising in order to produce optimized progress and high-quality business outcomes.


We deeply value the shared transparency between our client and business. We promise you, there are no sobbing stories, magical spells, or legendary sword fights involved behind DMas.  Our motivation backstage is some binge eating sessions, nail-biting team discussions, stressful nights, and the ambition to become a free-standing business in the market of online advertising.

Origin Of DMAS

For us, it has always been simple. Our business, vision, and mission have always been clear. We have worked tirelessly for hours, for months, to find a solution that provides us with a complete, holistic concept of how everything starts and ends at the same place – an intersection of the best inventions, Digital Marketing as a service (DMAS).

We’re always thrilled when clients come to us for help with their short-term projects. It’s an honor to be able to work with them and help them achieve their goals. We’re even more excited when we find out that they’re looking for a long-term partner. DMAS is the perfect fit for their needs, and we’re honored to be able to work with them on an ongoing basis.

Argument For DMAS

Creating a story for your brand is a busy business; storytelling is not necessarily always a work of fiction. Whether you own a product-based or service-oriented business, your clients need to know about you, your business, your views, and your vision for the future to establish yourself in the market. Not only that, but as a user, you only upgrade a subscription if the service keeps you entertained or promises you the best deals to fit your wallet. To do so, every business needs to constantly keep its strategies tailored to the latest trends in the market to retain its seat in the mercantile.

What Companies Are Missing In The Present Model?

“Businesses approach us with a hope to expand their services despite their existing strategies”

 It was high time we sat with the panel to discuss the generic gaps presented in the current business models. From building a well-written website to impress a user, brand name to get the most clicks, creative content to convert leads to customers, promotional posts on social media for more audiences, affiliate networking announcements, a promising speech of an influencer, a coherent SMS to sell deals, stimulating script for a YouTuber, an impactful mail to stay in touch, or a chatbot to keep your customers invested in your business 24/7, businesses overtax themselves to stay fit in the market.

Your struggle is real but wasted. Why? While you keep chasing service after service, as one gets bettered, time and resources are wasted going on the wild goose chase. Because, “As you rest for a picnic, a competitor will nab you quick”, and that is exactly why you need DMas.

Handling Multiple Agencies - A Responsibility

A vendor handles multiple customers, an engineer handles multiple projects, but an online advertising agency shoulders the responsibility to handle multiple other businesses as their own to stay put in the market. 


Our valued clients are the lifeblood of our company, and we always aim to please. However, we understand that some clients may be unclear on what they want, and that can sometimes drain resources. Nevertheless, we remain committed to providing the same high level of service, because we believe that our clients deserve nothing less. Our journey has made us stronger and better business owners.


At first, managing multiple tasks and equally fulfilling responsibilities seems very difficult. But for a digital network marketing agency like us, it is not unachievable. We deal with multiple businesses simultaneously, act quickly, juggle skillfully, listen actively, offer patiently, and learn endlessly through the process.

Our Plan

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean” –  Ryunosuke Satoro 

Business rules, policies, and procedures can be developed by a broad spectrum of approaches. Digital network marketing is the best way for brands to push forward in the competition. If strictly applied, entrepreneurs can get a stronghold on their performance in the industry and may explore unexplored opportunities. 12 channels have an extensive team of subject matter experts dedicated to channel each; who work relentlessly towards a common goal just dedicated to upswing your business in the market. The subject specialists are also cross-trained with knowledge in other channels to maintain an overall balance of the subjects they are dealing with.

Subject Matter Experts

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors, skillful sailors make a sail smooth”

We all are well aware that SMEs or subject matter experts save you time in searching for information. Our selection process is competitive. We do not hire applicants solely based on a single criterion. Each candidate is evaluated by the board of members with a custom-made selection process to fit our system the best. Our SMEs have years of hands-on experience in the subject and in this context, comprehensive knowledge and deep understanding of their department, function, process, tools, etc. with brief know-how on other departments as well.

The Process

We let you experience success at a consistent speed from the comfort of your seat.

A process down each department and a step-by-step pattern allow you to measure performance at regular intervals.

Senior Market Research Analyst

  • Conduct market and industry research to find the gaps in your existing business model.
  • Make recommendations according to your needs and requirements better.
  • Strategizing and curating alternatives to serve the best.

Digital Marketing Manager

  • Work with the SME team on finding the right channel/s for your business.
  • Build custom solutions to enhance brand awareness.
  • Develop and monitor finance and campaign budgets with accurate reports.
  • Promoting relevant crowd & generating relevant traffic for higher conversions.
  • Work with business analysts to simultaneously compare the results against KPI and ROI.

business Analyst

  • Analyzing the performance using key performance metrics.
  • Measure profitability and customer retention.
  • Conduct competitor analysis. 

Conversion Rate Optimizer

  • A/B testing, and measuring the performance of CTAs.
  • Collaborating with the team to optimize each channel conversion path.
  • Increase marketing funnel efficiencies.

Why Choose DMas Over A Single Channel Strategy?

 Several agencies and websites are explaining why digital marketing is important for any business but you will find no website or marketing agency promoting the benefits of combining all channels – an OMNICHANNEL MARKETING experience.

As a business, you already know the importance of online advertising to reach wider audiences. 

If you are an entrepreneur looking to get your hands on the best digital network marketing agency, you must be thinking about why you should choose DMAS rather than single projects or short-term projects like other businesses.

Then you should definitely hear us out. 

Benefiting With DMas - The Domino Effect

Ever heard of domino tiles creating a domino effect? Simply put, tipping one small domino sets off a larger event by toppling all other dominoes in line.

If statistics like,


The average time spent on a smartphone is 195 minutes per day, (Mobile Marketing)

27 percent of website traffic comes from paid search, (Search Engine Marketing)

70 percent of youth trust influencers over celebrities, (Influencer Marketing)

The average e-mail open rate is 21% and CTR is 13%, (E-mail Marketing)

175 websites are created every minute, (Website Development)

55 percent of people watch videos every day, (Video Marketing)

1.4billion people are willing to talk to a bot, (AI/ML-Chatbot)

Blogs can attract 55% more traffic, (Content Marketing)…so on and so forth…are your dominoes…


The DMAS Omnichannel Marketing Strategy unites together; all 12 channels into one powerful force. 


Now “There are no dominoes to tip or fall, just one in your control,” “An all-in-one business solution to revolutionary business minds”

Clients who come for short-term projects become long-term partners with DMAS

Clients who come for short-term projects are often pleasantly surprised to find that DMAS is a perfect fit for their long-term needs. We’re honored to become partners with so many clients and help them achieve their goals.

Now that you know there are no dominoes to fall. You know why the clients that come to us for short-term benefits become long-term partners at 12 channels. It is not only the idea of DMas that has converted our guests to partners but the practical experience of choosing the service built trust in the process with consistent profits and growth.

“With DMas you are no longer a guest, you are a partner”

Our team is passionate about what we do, and we’re committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing clients and help them achieve their goals.