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Targeting Techniques In PPC Advertising: Tested & Proven


Through the deployment of insightful targeting strategies in PPC advertising, you can amplify the efficacy of your marketing campaigns by specifically homing in on your intended audience. One such method involves leveraging demographic data to tailor custom audiences, while another pertains to the targeting of users based on their idiosyncratic interests and behaviors.

Furthermore, you can harness the power of retargeting to zero in on those who have previously interacted with your brand or visited your website. To help you maximize the impact of your campaigns, this article will delve into some of the most potent targeting techniques for PPC advertising.

What is PPC advertising & How Does It Work?

PPC advertising, an online advertising modality, presents a display of unparalleled possibilities for businesses to showcase their brands on search engines and other websites. The nitty-gritty of this advertising method is in businesses’ ability to tailor ads to appeal to potential customers seeking specific keywords related to their business or those perusing through the same advertising network.

It is fascinating to note that the intricacies of the bidding process are predicated upon a multifaceted array of factors, including but not limited to, the level of popularity associated with a given keyword and the degree to which a business is willing to invest in its bidding strategy.

At the heart of the matter lies in the capacity for businesses to engage in a judicious decision-making process when it comes to the selection of keywords to bid on. By doing so, these enterprises can effectively optimize their advertising endeavors, thereby ensuring that their ads are more readily discoverable by prospective customers who initiate search queries, all while elevating brand visibility and expanding their customer base in the process.

The Benefits Of Targeting Your Customers in PPC Advertising

By specifically targeting your customers in PPC advertising, a plethora of advantages can accrue for your business. By honing in on prospective customers who display an interest in your offerings, you can significantly augment the likelihood of them clicking on your advertisement and ultimately landing on your website. To put things into perspective, let us take a closer look at the top ten benefits of targeting your customers in PPC advertising:

#1. You can control where your ads are shown

By targeting your customers in PPC advertising, you can meticulously cherry-pick the websites where your ad is showcased. This grants you the ability to be highly selective about the platforms on which your ad appears, ensuring that it is only being presented to prospective customers with a proclivity towards what you’re offering.

#2. You can strategically target specific keywords

By targeting your customers in PPC advertising, you can adroitly cherry-pick the keywords for which your ad is shown. This enables you to be discerning about the keywords that you bid on, ensuring that your ad is only being presented to those prospective customers who are searching for precisely those terms.

#3. You can target specific locations

PPC advertising offers a treasure trove of possibilities for businesses seeking to connect with potential customers. One of its primary advantages is businesses’ ability to target specific locations. By leveraging this capability, businesses can customize their ads’ reach to potential customers located proximate to their business or those searching for keywords related to the location.

#4. You can target specific devices

This functionality is especially beneficial for targeting potential customers who scour for keywords related specifically to a particular device. Notably, this modality grants businesses unparalleled control over their advertising campaign, ensuring that their ads reach only the desired audience.

#5. You can target specific times

This implies that advertisers can hone in on potential customers who make search queries at specific times or visit websites at particular points in time. Consequently, businesses can maximize their advertising dollars by ensuring that their ads are seen by their intended audience at the right time.

#6. You can use negative keywords

Employing negative keywords constitutes an indispensable tactic in excising potential customers who lack an interest in your offerings, thereby confining your ad campaign to prospective customers more likely to convert.

#7. You can use demographic targeting

Additionally, demographic targeting enables you to harness demographic data in order to exclusively target potential customers who display a greater propensity for being interested in what you’re selling. By deploying this approach, you can rest assured that your ad campaign is being viewed only by your desired audience, with minimal chance of errant views from irrelevant individuals.

I.e, if you’re selling a new type of product that is local to USA, make use of demographic targeting to make sure that your ad only appears to people who live in the USA.

#8. You can use interest targeting

Moreover, interest targeting is a powerful tool in augmenting the size of your target audience and ensuring that only those most likely interested in your product or service come across your ads. Achieving this is possible by targeting those who have exhibited an interest in a specific domain, effectively averting distractions and ensuring their focus is directed solely towards your advertisements.

Consider, for instance, if you were targeting individuals fascinated by photography. In that case, your ads would exclusively appear on websites related to photography or when someone is seeking keywords pertaining to this interest, making it more likely that your ad will resonate with the target audience.

#9. You can use behavioral targeting

PPC advertising is a powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal, offering the ability to target potential customers with surgical precision. One of the most intriguing techniques to leverage when targeting customers in PPC advertising is behavioral targeting. This approach allows businesses to identify potential customers who are more likely to be interested in their products by scrutinizing their behavior. Consequently, businesses can focus their advertising campaigns on potential customers who have exhibited certain behaviors and increase the chances of converting them into paying customers.

An example of how businesses can use behavioral targeting to great effect is by focusing their ad campaigns on potential customers residing in the United States who have shown an interest in their new product. The benefits however are to help businesses generate leads and sales while reducing wasted money.

#10. You can use retargeting

One potent approach that businesses can deploy to augment their PPC advertising campaigns is the utilization of retargeting strategies. This sophisticated methodology is designed to enable enterprises to effectively reach out to potential customers who have previously interacted with their brand or visited their website, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversions and sales.

A telling example of retargeting in action is when an individual visits a website, and subsequently encounters a series of ads for that website on other sites they subsequently visit. The website adeptly leverages cookies to comprehensively monitor and track the individual’s behavior, subsequently displaying ads that are tailored to the specific preferences and past interactions of the said customer.

This method represents an astute means for businesses to directly target potential customers who have previously expressed an interest in their offerings, all while judiciously maximizing their advertising budget.

In conclusion, businesses that harbor a desire to fashion effective PPC advertising campaigns must be laser-focused in their efforts to meaningfully target their ads to individuals who are most likely to express a vested interest in their products or services. By deftly deploying the retargeting techniques delineated in this guide, businesses can effectively optimize their advertising campaigns, effectively reaching their intended audience, and generating an augmented pool of leads and sales in the process.

How To Use Demographic Data To Create Custom Audiences

As elucidated earlier, demographic targeting is a potent strategy to hone in on prospective customers. However, an equally crucial aspect is mastering the art of leveraging demographic data to craft personalized audiences.

There exist a multitude of methods to achieve this goal:

  1. You could deploy the Facebook Pixel to meticulously track website visitors, which in turn, would facilitate the creation of a customized audience comprising individuals who have perused your website.
  2. Alternatively, you could utilize the Facebook Ads Manager to devise a customized audience comprising people who have previously engaged with your brand on social media platforms.
  3. Another viable option is to partner with a third-party data provider to procure audience data of people who have evinced a keen interest in the products or services you offer.

Once a bespoke audience has been meticulously crafted, it could be targeted using ads on Facebook, Instagram, and the Facebook Messenger app.

By specifically targeting potential customers who have already evinced interest in your offerings, you could generate leads and conversions more effectively, thereby maximizing returns for your business.

How To Use Interests And Behaviors To Target Potential Customers

Not only can you use demographic data to create your target audience but you can also use interests and behaviors to your target potential customers.

Some ways to do this are:

1. Use Lookalike Audiences
ppc advertising

Expanding your customer base can be challenging. However, creating a lookalike audience is a great way to reach potential clients that bear similarities to your existing consumer base. The complexity of the task is not trivial, as it requires you to possess a list of customers or visitors to your website. Once you have a list, you may upload it to Facebook and generate a lookalike audience based on similar demographics and interests.

2. Use Targeted Ads

In the quest to attract more potential customers to your business, targeted ads can be a veritable holy grail, providing a means to effectively reach out to individuals based on their unique interests and behavior patterns. This includes individuals who may have visited your website but have not yet completed a purchase, thereby creating a prime opportunity to nudge them towards conversion.

To fully harness the potential of targeted advertising, businesses must first create a bespoke audience of individuals who have previously visited their website, carefully segmenting this cohort to enable the creation of a finely-tailored ad campaign that is specifically designed to appeal to this particular audience. By employing such a judicious strategy, businesses can effectively zero in on potential customers who are most likely to convert, while simultaneously maximizing the return on their advertising investment.

3. Use Retargeting

By employing retargeting tactics, you can display targeted ads to individuals who have previously perused your website or interacted with your brand on social media platforms.

As an effective tool for maintaining brand salience, retargeting presents a promising chance to escalate the probability of converting prospects into loyal customers.

So, what makes retargeting so compelling?

Typically, when a person visits your website, they are not instantaneously inclined to make a purchase. It takes time for them to familiarize themselves with your product or service and to determine whether it aligns with their preferences.

This is where retargeting swoops in – as it enables you to remain top of mind for your prospects, ensuring that your business will be the first brand that comes to mind when they finally decide to make a purchase.

4. Use Personalized Ads

Personalized ads can enhance your ad campaign’s effectiveness by displaying different ads to people based on their demographics and interests. For instance, you can present an ad tailored for running shoes to a person interested in running, whereas a different ad for hiking boots would be presented to someone who shows interest in hiking.

5. Use Remarketing

Incorporating remarketing in your advertising efforts can be an advantageous technique for encouraging repeat purchases from previous customers. Remarketing displays ads to customers who have already purchased products from your brand, providing an excellent opportunity to cross-sell and upsell products to your existing customer base.

Employing these cutting-edge targeting techniques can serve as the ultimate key to unlocking the full potential of your PPC advertising campaigns. By meticulously leveraging the vast troves of demographic data at your disposal, businesses can create custom audiences that are purpose-built to appeal to specific customer segments. This approach is further enhanced by laser-focusing your targeting efforts to reach consumers based on their unique interests and behaviors, thereby facilitating maximum impact and engagement.

Tips for creating successful PPC advertising campaigns

1. Research your keywords

To commence with your campaign, it is indispensable to conduct a comprehensive research of the keywords that are intended to be targeted. Pertinent keywords, which bear a lofty search volume, should be sought after.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner, for instance, can be employed as a tool to scrutinize and obtain notions for the campaign.

2. Create targeted ad campaigns

After selecting the keywords, the creation of targeted ad campaigns that are germane to the selected keywords is of paramount importance. These ads should be deftly written and correspond with the targeted keywords.

3. Monitor your campaign closely

Upon the launch of the campaign, a vigilant watch should be kept on its performance. The click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate should be tracked assiduously to optimize the campaign for enhanced outcomes.

4. Test different ad campaigns

To enhance the efficaciousness of your PPC campaigns, it is highly recommended to test out a plethora of ad campaigns and discern which ones are the most prosperous. Various elements such as ad copy, landing pages, and targeting options can be tested to ascertain the optimal approach that works for your enterprise.

5. Hire a PPC expert

If you are unsure about the creation of a prosperous PPC campaign, it may be advantageous to ponder the employment of a PPC expert. Such a professional can assist in researching keywords, devising targeted ad campaigns, and tracking the campaign’s performance.

By implementing these tactics, you can fabricate an efficacious PPC campaign, which will aid in reaching your target audience and fostering the expansion of your business. If you are looking for more guidance, reading PPC blogs and forums can be highly beneficial in acquainting yourself with the latest trends and strategies in the realm of PPC advertising.


In order to foster the creation of successful PPC campaigns, targeting your customers is of paramount importance. One must employ the appropriate keywords, craft targeted ad campaigns, and deploy retargeting and remarketing strategies to reach the intended audience. These tactics, when implemented with precision, can engender more efficacious PPC campaigns that bolster the growth of your enterprise.

For an even more comprehensive understanding of PPC advertising, we recommend consulting our complete guide to PPC advertising. This guide encompasses all the essential aspects of how to fabricate effective campaigns that successfully target your audience and stimulate the generation of leads and sales for your business.

Ultimately, to alleviate the stress and burden of creating and managing PPC ad campaigns, it may be advisable to hire an expert agency. The adept professionals at 12 channels subject matter experts can assist you in fabricating and managing your PPC ad campaigns, thereby enabling you to scale your business with ease. For more information about our services, please visit our website or contact us today.

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