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Facebook In Social Media Marketing – Effortless Marketing Strategy


When it comes to Social Media Marketing, Facebook has never stepped out to become a medium. To choose Facebook in social media marketing strategy, you just need to go through the opportunities and features of it and it will help you to spread your business globally and digitally.

Facebook in social media marketing can be simply defined as carrying on marketing activities on Facebook to achieve organizational and marketing objectives. It isn’t as simple as marketing through newspapers and magazines. To get the advanced line of control, you need to update the tactics and strategies of marketing. 

There are more than millions of businesses irrespective of their size connected with Facebook to get their work done. Facebook has never been seen within any lower category platform. 

How can a business find customers on Facebook? How to get more likes and shares on Facebook posts? How to use a Facebook Advertisement? 

We know there are many questions revolving around your cerebellum, so one by one let’s clarify all the questions.

How To Find Customers On Facebook In Social Media Marketing?

Facebook is the most popular platform for social media marketing. 94% of surveyed respondents included it in their social media marketing strategies.


Firstly and most importantly, how to find customers for your business on Facebook in social media marketing is the question asked by every marketer and businesses alike. Facebook is the only application with 2.42 billion monthly active users also with a 12% increase every year. 

So it becomes more important than any other point to consider for you as your business’s foundation lies in the hands of your customers. 

Customers, potential customers, or targeted clients are the outsiders who run your business from the backstage. Giving kind attention to them only will bring fruitful results.

So let’s see some points of social media marketing which will help you to get more customers.

Find The Associates Of Your Niche

First, after opening a business account on Facebook you have to focus on building a good customer base. Customers of an unrelated niche are worthless. 

Search your niche on the Facebook search bar, and examine whether the individuals, groups, or associations can be your customers or not.

#1 Research accounts

Second, after examining, search for Facebook groups that are associated with your marketing line.

Researching various groups and individual accounts will help you to prepare a list of target audiences.

Target audiences will provide you with an extra shoulder to carry on the load in an indirect process. 

#2 Build a buyer persona

Building of the buyer persona refers to categorizing individuals and groups, according to their age, gender, interests, and activities.

A buyer persona will save you from creating frequent irrelevant promotions. With the help of this, you can target each type of audience accordingly.

#3 Know your audience

Knowing audiences has always been a major point to keep an extra eye on in terms of marketing. 

Having an appropriate and suitable target client will benefit you in so many ways. By acknowledging their interests, choices, needs, and desires you can modify the structure of your organizational activities.

#4 Focus on interests

To achieve a victory, you must direct your moves in the right direction. To achieve the trust of your customers you must focus on producing content that is completely based on users’ interests and desires.

Giving due attention to what customers think, how they behave, the activities of customers, and their response to your content will help you to increase your brand awareness.

#5 Communicate

Maintaining a healthy relationship between customers and business is as important as selling a product online. Communication will help you to build loyalty and trust in the eyes of your customers.

A good and healthy relationship with customers will provide you with unimaginable results. You can transform your customers into unpaid influencers, by concerning them at regular intervals and solving the issues and problems they’re facing.

How To Get More Likes And Shares On Facebook?

facebook in social media marketing

It is not that easy to get a huge number of likes and shares on Facebook. 

Facebook is a large community. Millions of active users use this application to reach their needs and demands. Facebook in social media marketing is a popular platform because of its extra enriching features.

If you think you can do it with your fingers, then we must warn you even before letting the thought begin. 

There are certain things that you’ve to consider for increasing the number of likes and shares of your content. These things are primarily based on studying and analysis of marketing strategies. 

#1 Great marketing strategy

An influencing and powerful marketing strategy is highly recommended. Marketing strategy is based upon the market circle of your business line.

A great marketing strategy will help you to generate thousands of customers. By implementing the marketing activities in an effective and efficient approach, you can easily grow your loyal customer base. 

#2 Craft page

A great, creative and attractive business profile is essential to grab audiences. A great business profile is what keeps your business running and attracts potential audience. They say, the first impression is the last. And, audiences first visit your business profile to make any further transactions.

Crafting a simple and informative business profile will build a good reputation in front of the customer.

#3 User-generated content

User-generated content helps in building an emotional connection between customers and businesses. 

You can build trust and show authenticity by creating quality content.

Usually, most users of Facebook search for very basic niches like food, fashion, electronics, etc. Creating content in these niches can get you a great number of audiences.

#4 Rich information

Putting essential and required information in your content can make it more enlightening and edifying.

Information about offers, awards, campaigns, advertisements, products, and services, can help in building rich and admirable content.

This will help in increasing the quality and this will automatically increase likes and shares.

#5 Engage Consistently

Communication can break thousands of sorrows. By communicating with them at regular intervals you can understand your customer’s choices and tastes.

Focusing on customers’ needs and desires will help you to build strong and useful content. Engagement will help in building trust and belief.

#6 Host social media campaigns

By hosting SMM campaigns you can increase your reach to a large group audience for your Facebook business website.

Campaigns will help you to engage with existing and potential customers. 

Campaigns also help in increasing website traffic and also will help in driving sales. 

#7 Collaborate with brands and influencers

Collaboration with brands and social media influencers will add authenticity to your brand name. 

By collaborating, you can build a trusted and recommended business platform for your customers. This will help you for growth and long-term survival in the market. 

What Is A Facebook Advertisement? How To Use It?

Facebook Advertisements is a type of marketing tech available only on Facebook. It’s a technique where a business page can convert its content post into a business advertisement. 

You can share your advertisement by targeting your audience’s demographics, location, and profile information. 

It allows you to set a bid and a budget for each click or more impressions that your advertisement will receive. 

Facebook Advertisement mainly focus on driving engagement and building brand awareness but somehow it can also be proven as a successful approach if the customers who are to make a sale visit your Facebook business website through Facebook Advertisement. 

How to use Facebook Ads?

Running a Facebook Advertisement is a step-by-step process. You need to focus more on the process than on the assumptions. 

Running a Facebook Advertisement is not just advertising and paid to promote, it consists of many more steps that will make you bound to focus. 

With 2.6 Billion active monthly users, it wouldn’t be that easier way to snatch a wide group of loyal customers online. 

How to use a Facebook Advertisement is explained in the points below.

#1 Create an account profile

Firstly, you’ve to create a business account on Facebook with the Facebook Advertisement manager.

It provides its users with an overview of all the associated campaigns. Make sure to set up your payment method for promotions and advertising.

#2 Start creating an ad

After logging in with Facebook Advertisement Manager, you won’t be able to visualize the dashboard. 

So to open the dashboard, you must create an ad. 

Choose informative and useful content and create the first ad.

#3 Choose an objective

When you use Facebook in social media marketing, the Adoption will provide you with various types of objectives. Through them, you can choose what is essential and required as per your business. 

The adoption includes:

  • Reach
  • Brand awareness
  • Engagement
  • Website traffic
  • Video views
  • App installs 
  • Conversions
  • Lead generations
  • Store traffic
  • Catalog sales

#4 Choose audience

After choosing any of the objectives, you have to spotlight your target audience. You can choose that for each audience. 

You’ll get an option to choose your target audience based on your objective. If you’d like to manage your website traffic, then you should go with the audiences who are having more interest in seeing your content. If you’d like brand awareness, then you should go with the general audience. 

You can also set your target audience as per the niche you follow. If your content is for kids, you can customize the age group for children. If your content is related to political and social affairs, then you can change the audience from general to political.

#5 Set your budget

Facebook advertisement manager also provides you with an option for setting up your general budget.

You can set either a daily budget or a lifetime budget. 

If you’d like to run your ad daily, then the daily budget option will be best preferable. If you’d like to run your ad for a specific period, then the lifetime budget option will be best.

You can customize the time length and schedule the running of your advertisement. 

Note – Actual amount spent daily may vary.

#6 Create your Facebook advertisement

Now you can create your original ad according to your main objective.

Facebook asks for single design criteria for different advertisements. You can set unique and creative design criteria for content posts. 

Show your utmost creativity and make your content informative and attractive.

#7 Monitor your performances

After creating an ad, you must monitor the activities and performance of your ad. You must focus on results, reach, impressions and frequency. 

You can customize your page engagements and post engagements. Keep all the records of payments, checkouts, and security details.

Keep an eye on metrics like click-through rate and cost per click.

Navigate and analyze the report and monitor performances on frequent levels.


As Facebook is used by all age groups and the active time of users is also amazing in numbers, it is very easy to target audiences.

Facebook in social media marketing will help you to drive more traffic towards your Facebook business website and this will also help your business to get offline sales. Since online marketing is a method of advertising and promoting a brand or business, the advantages of it also bring a great response to offline marketing as well.

Choosing Facebook in social media marketing also allows marketers to track offline conversions so that they can have a perfect report on the effectiveness of online marketing in offline business. And if you need help getting started, here at 12 channels, we specialize in helping businesses break down barriers and pursue high dreams!

Learn how to harness the power of Facebook in social media marketing for your next big campaign with our experts. We’ll give you a free consultation and help throughout your entire campaign at 12 channels! You have time to make a change, you just need the motivation. Contact us and get started today! 

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