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Why Influencer Marketing?

  • A highest of 4% average engagement rate is produced among nano influencers, “The ‘lowest’ tier influencers” – Less investment and high revenue
  • 80% of consumers are known to purchase the product after seeing it used by an influencer – High engagement = Higher ROI
  • 65% of people are known to recognize or discover new brands or products via influencers – Brand awareness = High equity and loyalty
  • Instagram has been ranked on the top of the chart as the most used marketing channel with 93% of engagement – Growth in sales and ROI
  • Influencer-generated content has increased average EMV – High EMV = Higher reach and ROI
  • 50% of marketers claim to have chosen video marketing as their preferred format for influencer marketing – High UX and interaction
  • Influencer promotion is known to influence 80% of consumers on average to buy the product – High sales and ROI
  • 89% of businesses that tried influencer marketing claim it as an effective medium with high conversion rates – Higher revenue
  • In the past 3 three years, google search for influencer marketing has raised by 1500% – Less investment and high ROI guaranteed 
  • Sponsored posts have been soaring the charts after covid-19 by 76% – High engagement = Higher revenue 

Introduction To Influencer Marketing

Have you ever chosen something of your own without consulting anyone or without others’ suggestions? Have ever purchased something with zero knowledge? I assume that most of your answers are ‘No’. No, because somehow we always get influenced by another person.

From choosing a facewash to buying a car, we often reach a second person and logically that person turned out to be our influencer. An influencer, in this sense, is a person who influences us in some or the other way. 

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a marketing tool or marketing type of digital marketing. It refers to the marketing process where brands and businesses approach influencers on social media platforms to promote or advertise their bases. The influencers who are having good reach and effective social profiles can be chosen and get paid for promotional and advertising activities. 

The main aim of this marketing tool is to promote a brand or a product by creating nice and attractive content to attract audiences. Influencer marketing is considered one of the most popular and best marketing tools because influencers are niche content creators, who mainly focus on creating content in a way that will create brand awareness, increases web traffic, and drive messages to the brand’s targeted customers. 

It’s a collaboration between the influencers and the brand which allows the businesses to get a good reach. 

Influencer Marketing Types

 Influencer marketing mainly consists of five types of marketing campaigns. They are:

Sponsored content: This type of marketing campaign often appears on social media platforms. Here, brands and businesses pay influencers to promote a brand or a product. Influencers take care of creating inspiring content, keeping in mind the audience’s perspective or choices.

Affiliate marketing: This is a type of marketing campaign where an influencer gets paid by the number of website visits through the link shared by him. It’s a cost-effective as well as less time-consuming method. It’s a great marketing tool that enables us to operate with multiple influencers at once.

Social media takeover: This type of marketing campaign is a process where the Influencer takes over the brand’s social media channels and posts the required content at a particular time. There must be a mutual collaboration between the business and the Influencer. 

Brand ambassador programs: In this type of marketing campaign, an influencer shares content about the product or a brand at regular intervals. The brands must have a long-term partnership with the influencers. 

Unboxing: In this type of marketing campaign, an Influencer is gifted with the products. Here the main task lies in the hands of Influencers. It’s up to the influencer to create a good unboxing or revealing of the product and share it on social media platforms.

Influencer Marketing - For Whom

Many brands and companies consider influencer marketing as their main marketing tool as it is useful in so many ways. Brands like Adidas, Raymond, Garnier, and Mama earth mostly use influencer marketing as their major tool of marketing to reach a wide range of audiences. Adidas and Puma, have been using influencer marketing for years now. 

As influencer marketing is mainly based on creating content as per customers’ choices and preferences, a major group of brands reaches popular celebrities and social media influencers who are having more followers and a good reach per post. Good reach can help in increasing brand awareness and also helps in a direct increase in sales.

Influencer marketing is important for new brands and for the brands that are already established. To get new and potential customers, a new brand can reach different influencers with the help of social media platforms. Brands that are already established can also approach influencers to find new clients and nurture them to become potential customers.  Influencer marketing doesn’t create any bias in marketing the content. 

Influencer Marketing - Importance

Creative Content For Specific Brands: Influencers are experts in their respective domains. Influencers mainly focus on creating separate content for separate brands, so for a particular product, they can create unique and original content. 

Brand Awareness: The content from influencers can increase the reach and position in the market as through content the customers will get to know a little more about your brand. This will help to create brand awareness in the eyeballs of customers.

Lead Generation: Influencers can contribute with their content to create more leads through which the brand will get more web traffic and presence in social media.

Brand Advocacy:  It’s the most important point of influence marketing. With the help of Influencers, a brand can easily build trust and short authority. The trust that is possessed by an influencer can pass on to the brand and this is known as brand advocacy.

Cost-effective: To avoid traditional advertising and promotional methods, the market has launched this new format of marketing. With very little investment, one can easily get a good ROI in this field.

Recorded Statistics - Influencer Marketing

As per the influencer marketing benchmark report, more than 90% of marketers believe that Influencer marketing is the most effective marketing type. According to the reports of Influencer Marketing Hub, the influencer marketing industry was forecast to be worth $13.8 billion in 2021. For influencer marketing, Instagram is the most suitable and effective social media platform and the most mentioned brand on Instagram is Zara in the year 2021. In recent years, a company has kept 17% of its total marketing budget just for the purpose of Influencer marketing. The number of Influence marketers grew by 26% in 2021. 

Basic Requirements To

 The basic requirements for influencer marketing & the crucial points a marketer needs to keep in mind before choosing an Influencer.

  • Creative Content
  • Good reach in posts
  • Good number of followers
  • Interest in collaboration
  • Knowledge of marketing
  • Aware of the competition
  • Tracking records frequently

These 8 points are the most significant points to remember before choosing an Influencer. Creative content will help in increasing the reach and can increase the number of followers, likes, and shares. Influencers should have a solid knowledge of digital marketing. By controlling the speed breakers and managing the profile at regular intervals, one can easily progress at a good rate.

Influencer Marketing & Other Channels

Influencer and Social Media Marketing: When Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing get coordinated, the Influencers can spread their content on various social media platforms. As social media platforms are widely popular for all age groups, influencers can create solid content for all products or brands.

Influencer and Video Marketing: When influencer marketing and video marketing get combined, the Influencers can also create video content and can upload it on various social media platforms. This will be a very helpful approach for the customers as well as for the Influencers to send the content easily and quickly.

Influencer and Email Marketing: When these two channels get combined, the Influencers can send emails to their special clients or special customers who regularly follow the updates. Through this, an influencer can be a boon for the promotion and marketing of products and services.

Influencer and SMS Marketing: When these two channels get combined, the Influencers can send SMS to their special clients with a very short and informative message. This can be one of the easiest tools for the influencers to get their targeted clients as SMS need not be very creative and lengthy.

Influencer Marketing - Success Story

Nykaa is a company that deals in cosmetics and beauty products. It was founded in the year 2012 by Falguni Nayar. To increase their business they’ve adopted influencer marketing as their foremost strategy. In the year 2021, Nykaa’s turnover was 885.3 Crore (in rupees). By approaching several influencers and marketing their products, Nykaa has reached a level where it can easily convert traffic into sales.

12 Channels & Influencer Marketing

12 Channels is an association of subject experts and marketing analysts. The main motto of our channel is to offer what is better and how something difficult can be tackled easily. We are a team of go-getters with subject experts and marketing professionals. We can club and optimize different channels with influencer marketing based on your main agenda to meet your objectives, sales, consideration, and retention. Our team converts the odds into possibilities as we mainly focus on frequent research and understanding the market.

To know us better, sit with us on a ride with our subject experts through the process we follow the best – 

At 12 channels, every channel has a qualified subject expert team working together to reach out to you on –

  • Probing your needs and requirements better.
  • Strategizing and curating alternatives to serve the best.
  • Building tailor-made solutions with one or more channels are necessary.
  • Promoting relevant crowds & generating relevant traffic for higher conversions.
  • Analyzing the performance using key metrics.
  • Tracking & optimizing your business to reinforce your brand.


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