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Instagram Vs Facebook Vs YouTube – Best Of 2022


Instagram vs Facebook vs YouTube.

It will sound cliche if we give shoutouts to Instagram, particularly. But we are forced by the advantages of Instagram that made us present the information in front of you all. As far as Social Media Marketing is concerned, it becomes indispensable for marketers to know about certain market affairs between popular social media platforms.   

Every marketer aims at taking their business to the top and there are certain things that you’ve to keep in mind before considering different platforms for marketing. Since different social media platforms have different key functions and features, you need to have complete knowledge about the platforms you’re going to deal with before accomplishing any marketing strategy. 

The most popular forms of social media marketing platforms are YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK. Marketers mostly target these platforms for marketing because their overall insights accurately sit as per marketing comfort. These platforms can provide great reach, can ensure high growth, and provide several benefits for building trust and loyalty in front of the customers.

If you’re a beginner in this new digital marketing era, then this article will provide you with all the necessary information that is required before starting SMM. In this article, we’ll let you know about the comparison between different marketing platforms, why Facebook usage is declining day by day, and which is best platform to showcase your business.

So without wasting anything just scroll down.


A comparison is being made between three types of most influencing social media platforms which are mainly considered by professional marketers for digital marketing. As far as social media is considered for achieving marketing objectives, it has made it compulsory for the business to understand the tools and tactics they possess. 

If you’d like to spread your business among these three marketing platforms then it becomes a must for you to have basic marketing knowledge about these platforms.

So this table represents all the essential information that is required to know before going inside these platforms.

There are a total of 1.386B users in the world.There are a total of 2.9B users in the world.There are a total of 2.29B users in the world.
The average engagement rate is 3%.The average engagement rate differs, for influencers 0.19%, for sports teams 0.18%, and for higher education 0.14%.The average engagement rate is 4%.
Short-form content is best suitable for this platform.A short form of media content is best suitable for this platform.Long video content is best suitable for this platform.
The ad revenue worldwide is approximately $26B.The ad revenue worldwide is near $114.93BThe ad revenue worldwide is $28.84B.
Instagram Vs Facebook Vs YouTube

Here we’ve presented a comparison between the financial statistics of three matured marketing platforms that are considered best for business purposes. Choosing the right social media platform is highly essential before moving toward any transaction.

instagram vs facebook
Instagram Vs Facebook Vs YouTube


It’s all about the audience’s interest that matters the most for every business. If a business cannot stand up to the expectations of its clients, then not even the high advantages of marketing will help it to stand as a pillar in the marketing world. Standing in the market for as long as your business could is the most eye-catching point. 

As far as Facebook norms and conditions are specified, they have failed in meeting their client’s expectations for many years. There are many reasons behind the declining graph but the most common factor that is found is the lack of catching the audience’s interest.

For the first time, the usage of Facebook declined in many parts of the United States and now the digital pandemic is also heading towards India. Many users have already declined their use of time on Facebook and are choosing alternatives. The impact of the marketing environment on marketing decisions will give rise to new and valuable opportunities for a business.

Facebook influencers enjoy almost 0.20% engagement rates per post by follower, with Health & Beauty garening the lowest 0.03% Engagement. 


There are certain reasons that clarify the history behind the decline of Facebook usage. It includes

#1 Increased disinterest

If your business won’t adopt the requirements of the updating generation then there’ll be very less opportunities to find growth in certain conditions. 

Shifting of users from Facebook to other social media platforms is the main reason behind increasing disinterest. 

New platforms like TikTok and Instagram with new features and functions have attracted a lot of audiences. 

#2 Distrust between the customers and Facebook

For many times Facebook has been misused by the users. Many users used Facebook for spreading fake information by creating fake accounts.

This has been the main reason for the diversion of users towards other platforms. In terms of privacy and accountability, users were not trusting in the motives and judgments of those who manage business profiles. Hence, the drop in trust created a decline in its usage of it. 

It’s a human tendency to accept the diversion and move our usage towards the platform which gives a better and specialized experience.

#3 Audience saturation

The audience saturation occurs when a large percentage of ad impressions are thoroughly coming from the users who’ve already been through your advertisement.

This will increase the frequency of ad visibility which will be helpful for creating brand awareness and brand building but when you focus on conversion, you may not achieve the rate of conversion you wanted to. As this may create a bad reputation among the users, stop responding to your advertisement. 

In this case, there’s a chance of a drop in the first-time impression ratio and the reach. For this, you’ve to target alternative audience groups or new audiences.

#4 Ads updation

Facebook is most commonly designed to give the best user experience to its users and if you give maximum to a low-quality ad then it’ll surely affect the insights of Facebook marketing.

Companies like Coca-Cola are also doing the same thing. It’s diverting its customers towards new Diet coke and skinny can. This will reduce the usage of their original coke but they are pretty sure to exist in the market with the required share value that is generated from new offerings.

Therefore Facebook conducts regular research and collects feedback from its community to understand and analyze the attributes that are connected with low-quality ads. Low-quality ads may be of maximum characters in the image, the landing page is not functional (as per community guidelines of Facebook), using sensational language in the content and misusing it to gain traffic.

Hence, ads need to be updated to let them work every time otherwise they’ll stop performing.

#5 Data on age

Most importantly Facebook doesn’t create any bias for its users. Nowadays, kids are also getting social media attachments. Users mostly encourage the advertisement on Facebook as irrelevant and ineffective. 

Facebook is a network that has become a platform for this age (30, 40 & 50) citizens. Since it’s mostly used by a certain age group it needs to do functional and systematic changes in order to attract the younger generation.

It becomes very important for all the existing and new businesses to understand these key factors before entering the world of Facebook marketing. As it may help you to create a good ad but it won’t affect your financial position. 

The reason behind the decline in the ROI of Facebook is the major point that is lacking in catching the eyeballs of a younger audience. Younger audiences get influenced more as compared to other groups of audiences. 

So there lie many reasons behind declining the usage of Facebook in certain areas.


Choosing the right platform is very important, regardless of what type of business you’re dealing with. As your business will only let you know about what to do, where to do it, when to do and how to do it.

For instance, if you are running a large-scale business and you’ve chosen Instagram as the main marketing platform then it’ll invite more opportunities to lose customers, profits, and sales. If you are running a small-scale business that is completely based on the niche of the young generation and have chosen Facebook as the main marketing platform, then it’ll also give you the same results of loss. Instagram’s marketing strategy is for small-scale businesses. The impact of the marketing environment on marketing decisions will only get you to know about your customer’s choice and your strategy.

It becomes very important to choose the right type of business according to the size, niche of dealing, and content that is going to spread.

Higher ed sees engagement rates of over 3% per post by follower on Instagram. 


Since Facebook is used by a lot of users compared to Instagram, Facebook doesn’t create any bias or any restrictions on the involvement according to the age group. Facebook has less young generation and more of the senior (30-50) age group. On the contrary, Instagram has a less senior age group and has more of the younger generation.

So if your business is dealing with content that is suitable for the younger generation then Instagram will be a better option for you and if your business is dealing with content that is completely based on the senior age group then Facebook will be a better option for you. 

If your business is producing the content and dealing with a proper Instagram marketing strategy that can satisfy the needs, demands, and desires of the younger generation then your business choosing Instagram can be your best asset because there are certain benefits that your business can easily expect in this line of marketing. Instagram mainly focuses on building content to attract more and more of the younger generation. They spent most of their time on social media, building good social networks. So to target the right point, if you focus on creating relevant audience orientation or user-generated content for the younger generation then you can easily grow your business and hope to survive for a long period on social media.


There are certain key factors that are as important as standing in between the marketing crowd. If your business isn’t going on the right platform then it may harm your associates as well as the customers.

Before beginning the process of social media marketing you must analyze a few key points of your business, your niche, your products, and your suitable platforms as per the customers you’re going to attract.

To build a good brand reputation and healthy customer base you need to focus on your audiences. The results that have been achieved from choosing the right social media platform for your business is the impact of the marketing environment on marketing decisions. And if you need help getting started, here at 12 channels, we specialize in helping businesses break down barriers and pursue high dreams!

Learn how to harness the power of social media with our experts. We’ll give you a free consultation and help throughout your entire campaign at 12 channels! You have time to make a change, you just need the motivation. Contact us and get started today! 

Instagram vs Facebook vs YoutTube is a time old debate. Get your own social media marketing campaign going today! Be the example business in the market, with us at 12Channels.

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