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Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

  • Google continues to dominate search engine users with an average net market share of 86% in 2021
  • Of all internet users, 98% are known to use a conventional search engine, no less than once a month.
  • 93% of web traffic searches via search engines.
  • Average CTR for ranking first on the Google search engine is recorded at 19%
  • Search traffic is liable for 29% of web traffic, on a global scale – Increases brand visibility and CTR
  • Landing pages with videos are 53% likely to make it to google’s first result page – Increases google page rank
  • 39% of buyers made their choice to buy because of a relevant search – Increase in sales
  • 25% of users click organic results, compared to paid ads – Best SEO practices offer google rank
  • 14 minutes is the approximate average user spends time on reviews before making a decision – Increase in loyalty = Increase in trust and credibility
  • 66% of webpages have zero backlinks – Decrease in google rank
  • SEO has driven more traffic than PPC ~ 20, leading to negative results – Usually, SEO is a long-term strategy, faces and compared to PPC, that boosts results.
  • 1.65 seconds is the average load time for google’s first ranked result – A slow or unresponsive website Which increases penalties from google
  • 91% of people are known to trust businesses shown regularly on SERPs – Increased rank increases customer retention
  • 75% of users are comfortable with paid ads to find the information they are searching for – Increases traffic to the site

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Isn’t it shocking to know that traffic generated through Paid Search Marketing, also known as Pay per click advertising, or search engine marketing, generates 50% more conversions than organic advertising?

Search engine marketing, short for SEM is a form of digital marketing involving the process of gaining visitors to your site using search engines, say Google, Bing, Baidu, or Firefox, using paid strategies.

Search engine marketing once consisted of three types –

  • PPC/PSA – Pay Per Click Advertising / Paid Search Marketing (Advertising)
  • Organic SEO – Unpaid advertising
  • Local SEO

While Search engine optimization (SEO) was once a branch of SEM, it is now an individual strategy for digital marketing. 

Organic Searches despite being popular among users, paid search marketing certainly owns many short-term benefits in the market – 

Approximately 80% of companies are known to focus on Google Ads for PPC

With paid search marketing, not only will you find your brand on top of the web page, but paid searches help to drive traffic quickly to the site. Another essential benefit of paid search marketing includes highly optimized keywords generating more conversions.

Search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%

With organic search, it is not the same. Though topping an organic search is a busy business, conversions for an organic search might not be as good as with paid search marketing without a highly experienced content marketer creating the most engaging content.

Search Engine Marketing - For Whom & Importance

The size of your business or the industry does not matter. Anyone with a website can opt to maximize their benefits by using SEM techniques to grow online and drive traffic to their site. Therefore, search engine marketing has the highest potential to rank the site first on google in a quick and scalable way. Search engine marketing also offers marketers and advertisers the opportunity to place their ads before the customers that are willing and ready to make a purchase. Search engine marketing makes the business grow efficiently and effectively like no other advertising medium can do. 

The subject expert, an “SEM specialist” job is to put their clients at the top. By any means necessary to accomplish the purpose, in one way or another, they collect the knowledge on what they can and cannot control to optimize the goals of their client’s businesses.

For boosting the functionalities and visibility of the website, search engine marketing helps to give you a competitive advantage in bringing quantifiable results. 

While opting to use the benefits of search engine marketing, never should one practice black-hat SEO to quickly improve the search ranks and get brand recognition. If caught, black hat techniques not only bring down a brand’s name but gain penalties from google. In the real world, there are both legal and illegal practices to which a man has many solutions. But, never once a lawful man should retort to or encourage illegal practices.

If done so, he would not only have to pay a heap to get bail but is also likely to be tagged as “Dangerous” in his society. Similarly, white hat techniques are the legal processes involved to get higher traffic and get ranked on the google search engines.

Top black-hat processes misused practices include –

  • Keyword stuffing – to fill pages with keywords and key phrases even if they are unnecessary and look forced. 
  • Cloaking – Curating one content for the crawlers and the users separately.
  • Blog comment spam – Spamming pages to get more backlinks
  • Link selling/Link buying – the page risks being de-indexed and losing half of its traffic.
  • Snippet markup spam – creating irrelevant rich snippets markup

And other illegal/unapproved ways to increase the traffic to their site, by tricking and spamming users.

Therefore, failed or wrongly impacted Search engine marketing is likely to create the following effects on the website or its owner.

  • Bring zero value to the website,
  • Penalties from search engines,
  • Affects the brand reputation,
  • Drives traffic away from the site,
  • Effect organic SEO techniques,
  • Loss in revenue/ROI, and more

Recorded Statistics - SEM

Did you know that more than 55% of web pages do not have any backlinks and while only 30% have two or three?

Someone’s search engine marketing skills are certainly dropping, after 5, on weekends and vacations. Better not be yours. Because such a solution without a 360-degree approach can not only damage a business with failing traffic but its reputation and such an agency working their 9-5’s to solve your needs are so yesterday. 

You need a way better agency to hire, who can serve each channel like they do their special best.

Crazy as it sounds, it’s not only us saying:  According to WebFX: 45% of page clicks are earned by Ads that appear in search results.

Basic Requirements To

Search Engine Marketing

SEM tools should be able to “research keywords, set a budget, run PSA campaigns, act on bids, automate bidding, analyze metrics, and forecast results.”

Behind the scenes, here is the list of the top 10 tool knowledge required for SEM :

  • SEMrush – for Keyword research, PPC, and Competitor analysis.
  • Google, Bing Ads Editor – to manage multiple campaigns for multiple clients.
  • Unbounce – for A/B testing, analytics, and goal-tracking functionalities.
  • CrazyEgg – interaction tracking tool used for complete web analytics.
  • Adwords Wrapper – used to match keywords or convert to negative.
  • Optmyzr – offers marketing and campaign automation, and PPC reporting.
  • Spyfu – helps to identify competitors, and gives AdWords advice and tips.
  • SplitTester – tests your ad copies and decides their future performance.
  • Moat – an ad analytics tool with easy data export options.
  • Supermetrics – to compare, analyze, and report data.

SEM & Other Channels

Each channel can work efficiently when used individually. But to maximize the benefits of marketing, they work miracles as a package since they are connected in several ways.

SEO and SEM working together play a vital role in shaping a brand’s growth curve in the market. On top of having dedicated SEM and SEO specialists, content marketers also help your digital marketing initiatives to find target audiences and eventually the success of the brand.

Here are our top channel communal strategies for optimizing benefits using Search Engine Marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing – SEM can use Paid search advertising(PSA) to get better reach through social media networks, generating ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.
  • Website Development – SEM and SEO can be used to drive organic traffic through the site and get it on top of the google search results or can generate paid ads alone, to generate higher revenue in the short term.

SEM - Success Story

Whilst financial sectors in the market like HDFC, ICICI, and HSBC have used Search Engine Marketing to maximize their territorial reach, technology-driven companies like Sony India, Wipro, and more have been successful in using the digital marketing SEM strategy in making a larger number of audiences a part of product innovation on the web. 

Search Engine Marketing expertise has endorsed and supported Sony India company’s continued growth. It wanted to exhibit its products online, be more receptive, and be responsive to consumer needs, thus supporting long-term growth. Owing to the overall business strategy, Sony has made a substantial investment of 200% into this activity for over a financial year.

Make your own success story with us today!

12 Channels & SEM

12 channels” is a digital marketing agency and a PPC expert with a team of young and dynamic go-to global marketers. 

Not only are we transparent with our strategies, but we don’t believe in the stories that sell better. We believe in our team of experts to solve your requirements in the best ways possible, especially the carefully hand-picked solutions for every business. 

PPC might just be the solution for you, even SEO might, or both. But, that is our task to work and design a high-quality solution for every client’s request, either by tradition or surprise. 12 channels is where tattletales don’t work, only solutions do. Pain doesn’t feel a burden for strategies where there are gains heavily poured in.

Introducing the 12 keys to unlock tons of best marketing strategies, our team of subject experts are 24/7 equipped and available to serve the needs of your business with A to Z solutions as a package or each, individually.

Be it search engine marketing with/or any other channel, to deliver the best-personalized solutions, our team does it all.

search engine marketing

To know us better, sit with us on a ride with our subject experts through the process we follow the best – 

At 12 channels, every channel has a qualified subject expert team working together to reach out to you on –

  • Probing your needs and requirements better.
  • Strategizing and curating alternatives to serve the best.
  • Building tailor-made solutions with one or more channels is necessary.
  • Promoting relevant crowds & generating relevant traffic for higher conversions.
  • Analyzing the performance using key metrics.
  • Tracking & optimizing your business to reinforce your brand.


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