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Search Engine Optimization

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • 74% of websites trade links with each other – Boost website traffic
  • 1000%+ traffic is recorded through SEO, compared with organic social media
  • As low as 0.78% click on results from 2nd page has been recorded by google searchers 
  • In the first position, the average length of posts is 2,416 words – Content-rich posts rank higher 
  • Paid ads are 5.6 times declining than organic SEO – Growth in revenue and potential customers
  • 25% of top-ranking websites have no meta description – Meta description does not affect the traffic but meta texts are worth a shot.
  • Companies adapting to blogging gain 97% more backlinks – fast recognition and indexing of your site 
  • 4 or more words are noted in 50% of search queries – Better reach and awareness
  • 68% of people are likely to click top 5 results on SERPs – Lead generation and high conversion
  • 25% of businesses do not have any H1 tag – Decrease in user experience
  • Featured snippets are known to be found in 12.3% of search queries – Increase google ranking on the top SERPs
  • Long-tail terms with 3-4 words in the title have a higher CTR of 3-5% than 1-2 words – Increase in CTR

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO is a process of improving the quality and quantity of a website using organic techniques to redirect website traffic to the website from search engines.

How cool is it, if you can find a mechanism that optimizes results for you, without you having to do the “simple”: but ”not so simple” math?

Search engine optimization expert. Short for SEO experts; works to do the same. 

Out of 1.18 billion websites in the world, only 17% of websites are active, and the other 83% inactive. With these statistics, it is just not anyone’s cup of tea to rank each website by indexing them, 1 by 1, in any traditional manner, for it to be optimized for the best to match the results you were expecting.

Google does it like any other search engine by applying SEO. Shuffling the deck of cards is easier, but to index and group them takes a while. Not for search engines. Out of billions of websites present online, search engines have a language of their own to rank the best on top of the SERPs. A language with its own set of rules is called grouping and “search engine optimization”.

Search Engine Optimization -Types

Organic and Local SEO services are the 2 branches that opted out of Search Engine Marketing and ruled the digital market for a very long time.

Just as an Organic SEO is known for its unpaid form of advertising, local SEO is known to drive more traffic to your site. But, only to the businesses with a physical location, local to its business.

While Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a vast subject of its own, widely known are its 11 types:

  • On-page SEO – To control everything that happens within the website
  • Off-page SEO – To control everything that happens beyond the website
  • Technical SEO – To perform technical audits to find and fix tech issues 
  • Local SEO – To improve search engine visibility for local businesses
  • Enterprise SEO – Finding competitive keywords to bring traffic to large websites
  • White Hat SEO – Ethical strategies to improve a rank on the website
  • Black Hat SEO – Strategies to improve the rank by violating guidelines
  • Gray Hat SEO – Uses questionable strategies to improve a rank on the site
  • Negative SEO – Used by competitors to destroy your site using backlinks.
  • YouTube SEO – Same as google, but optimizing for the YouTube
  • Voice search SEO – Includes, the natural language of users to deliver quick answers.

“Good, or Bad”, SEO has certain functionalities that it follows to bring you the exact results, you are searching for –

Crawling helps bots crawl from an existing page to a new page through linking between the pages. Once the pages are crawled and if the bot thinks the page is relevant to the search query, the page will be indexed i.e arranged in the order of its ranking and relevance, using more than 200 ranking signals while crawling and sorting the data.

SEO - For Whom & Importance

Search Engine Optimization is nothing but data analytics/strategies we opt for maximizing the benefits of a business.  It is widely used by anyone to not only improve the quality but the quantity of the users/traffic to a website by analyzing and optimizing their needs to maximize.

  • Websites struggling with lesser traffic
  • Websites that failed to engage with their audiences
  • Businesses opting for accessibility and indexation
  • Websites looking to provide the best user experience
  • Companies planning to cut their costs but not quality
  • Websites are willing to gain credibility and trust, and so on…

In the world of digital marketing, SEO is one of those techniques that are most efficient to keep businesses running miles faster than their competitors. As we discussed in brief about the 11 types of SEO helping for the growth and visibility of any business, these 11 techniques are those that can not only help make a website but break the website, if not properly optimized. Using the appropriate techniques and strategies, the growth of a company is guaranteed. Such a process becomes a success story, and here are 3 such key actions that decide the future of the website –

  • SEO analysis to use certain practices that determine the requirement of the business and help set new goals for the business.
  • SEO strategies such as internal linking, backlinks, content building, etc to improve the quality and visibility of the business.
  • SEO optimization by using the right strategies to rank the page on the top of the search engine results page.

What if SEO fails? What if a startup fails? Would this be the end? Would there be no future for entrepreneurs? Will they make the same mistakes they did before?

Let us answer all those questions that act big on any business.

A failed SEO is like any other channel that creates a brand that fails to keep up with its competitors in the market, joining the 83% of inactive websites on the internet!

With time the rotten apple smells – Such a business that has failed to create an impact falls from the charts, loses its rank, traffic, revenues, and much more, the dreams. 

Whether the SEO fails or not, it is still not the end for the startup or an entrepreneur. 

The right techniques and the best strategies still can make a business rise from its ashes. If the Phoenix could, you can tooStop adding to your failure and start building new pages, to be back with a bang in the business.


Recorded Statistics - Search Engine Optimization

Someone said organic, who?

67% of all clicks are known to go for the first-page organic results on google.

We know by now, don’t we all?

70% of people believe that SEO is better in driving sales for their business compared to PPC.

While I said, and we all have read!

In a survey conducted by Databox86% of the marketers said to have been actively using the data from their PPC campaigns to support their SEO strategy.

If not a minute earlier, I hope you know by now.

That there’s no rule stating; you can’t do both SEO & PPC.

Basic Requirements To


  • Identifying the keywords that are not only relevant but drive traffic to the page.
  • Curating high-quality content to further optimize it for the search engines.
  • Locating relevant links from competitor websites with good ranking and quality content.
  • Measuring the results from the information found in the steps before.

Search Engine Optimization - Other Channels

Though Search Engine Optimization is a stand-alone process to create better returns, SEO services combined with other channels is known to rocket sales.

It is also much safer to acknowledge that almost every channel of 12 channels believes in its combination with SEO services to remarkably progress and advance in a business, than the other way around.

  • SEM – There was a time when SEO was a branch of SEM. Over time, SEO grew and became an individual field in marketing. SEO and SEM are co-dependent to maximize the benefits of marketing and ranking your site on the top.
  • Good Content Writing – without SEO, is a trophy with no audience. Good contenting writing might just save a viewer from leaving the page. But, without SEO, the page is likely to be entangled and lost in a web of other pages online.
  • Social Media Marketing – With SEO, a brand makes most of its online presence and becomes renowned in the online world.
  • Email Marketing – Either attract viewers to the site with good SEO and then follow up with Emails or set up segmented and targeted emails to attract the right crowd with relevant SEO optimized content.

SEO - Success Story

Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group’s gaming portal, Zapak.com, is known to have an in-house team of about 5-6 experts for Search Engine Optimization who work constantly towards technologically optimizing the site. As essential as optimization is, in this line of business, a team constantly reviews and reports the site hits on an hourly basis. This helps the marketer in keeping a tab and maintain a success rate.

12 Channels & SEO

X SEO agent- Still no google ranking? You cannot be SEO-rious!

Y SEM agent- If Sirius black can be seo-riusly seo-rius, why cannot we seriously be SEO-rious?

Z CM agent – Hey! But isn’t he spelled “Si-ree-uhs”, and not seo-ree-uhs?

K SMM agent – iSEeyOu.



This is what humor at our agency looks like in those little coffee breaks and we have our K agent to thank, who has been very determined to sneak post today’s viral content.

On to a “serious” note. SEO digital marketing experts at 12 channels are more than just a cup of coffee, extremely effective and efficient to solve every problem at hand in just a matter of time. With our tools and strategies, your website will no longer be just ‘a’ website, but ‘the’ website, highly recognized and talked about. Ask our clients, we are the best SEO service provider in the market.

To know us better, sit with us on a ride with our subject experts through the process we follow the best – 

At 12 channels, every channel has a qualified subject expert team working together to reach out to you on –

  • Probing your needs and requirements better.
  • Strategizing and curating alternatives to serve the best.
  • Building tailor-made solutions with one or more channels is necessary.
  • Promoting relevant crowds & generating relevant traffic for higher conversions.
  • Analyzing the performance using key metrics.
  • Tracking & optimizing your business to reinforce your brand.

A best SEO service provider does not only know which techniques and strategies work best for you, but we certainly also do know the ones that wouldn’t just make “it” to the market.


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