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SMS Marketing FAQ – Best 20 Questions


Everyone has questions, moreover when it comes to SMS marketing since there are a lot of unknowns. People want to know about the best practices, what is and isn’t allowed, where to start… especially, what’s under all the hype?

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And that’s what we are going to answer in this blog post – the 20 most frequently asked questions about SMS marketing (FAQ).

Q1: Can I send an SMS without a phone number?

A: No, you need a phone number to send an SMS. Moreover, the phone number must be associated with a physical SIM card that is inserted into a cell phone. According to TCPA and CTIA guidelines, businesses must use a dedicated short code or long code phone number to send SMS messages. If you don’t have a list of opted-in phone numbers, you can’t send SMS messages. But, if you have a list of phone numbers, you can use an SMS marketing platform like Trumpia to send mass SMS messages without a phone.

Q2: What’s the difference between short codes and long codes?

A: A shortcode is a 5-6 digit number that can send and receive text messages. Short codes are generally used for keyword campaigns and are opt-in, which means that people have to text your short code to join your SMS marketing list. Shortcodes are great for high-volume, high-throughput SMS messaging because they can send a high volume of messages very quickly.

A long code is a 10-digit number that can also send and receive text messages. Long codes are generally used for one-to-one text messaging and two-way SMS messaging. Long codes can also be used for keyword campaigns, but they are not opt-in by default, which means people do not have to join your text message marketing list to text your long code.

Q3: What’s the difference between transactional and promotional SMS?

A: Transactional SMS are messages that are sent to customers to complete a transaction. Promotional SMS are messages that are sent to customers to promote a product or service.

Transactional SMS are one-time passcodes (OTP), appointment reminders, shipping notifications, and more. They can only be sent to customers who have opted-in to receive them.

Promotional SMS are discounts, sales, events, and more. They can be sent to both opted-in and non-opted-in customers.

Q4: How do I get people to opt-in to my SMS marketing list?

A: There are a few ways that you can get people to opt-in to your SMS marketing list:

• In-person: You can have someone at your place of business or event ask people if they want to join your SMS marketing list. When they say yes, you can add them to your list using an SMS marketing platform like Trumpia.

• On your website: You can add an SMS opt-in form to your website so people can join your text message marketing list.

• In your email signature: You can add an SMS opt-in form to your email signature so people can join your SMS marketing list.

• On social media: You can promote your SMS opt-in on social media and drive traffic to your website or place of business.

Q5: How do I know if people are opting-in to my SMS marketing list?

A: When you use a Text message marketing platform like Trumpia, you can see how many people are opting-in to your Text message marketing list in real-time. You can also see which keywords are being used to opt-in, in and where people are opting in from (e.g., your website, in-person, etc.).

Q6: What is the ideal length of an SMS?

A: The ideal length of an SMS is 160 characters. However, some phone carriers allow up to 140 or even 120 characters. Depending on the character set you’re using – such as Latin, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese, or Arabic – you may be able to send fewer characters per SMS.

Q7: How many SMS can I send per day?

A: The SMS sending limit is exceeded at 100 messages per day. If you need to send more than that, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Q8: What’s the difference between an SMS gateway and an SMS marketing platform?

A: While both facilitate the bi-directional transmission of SMS messages, an SMS marketing platform offers a wider range of functionalities. Beyond mere message transmission, it grants users the ability to manage their contact lists, design bespoke campaigns, track the efficacy of these campaigns, and much more.

Q9: Can I send an SMS to a landline?

A: No, regrettably, it is unfeasible to dispatch an SMS to a landline. However, there exists a method by which you can relay an SMS to a landline through the utilization of the SMS GATEWAY. This method involves capitalizing on the voice-to-text feature which enables you to send an SMS to a landline; albeit, the recipient will be required to lend an ear to the message.

Q10: Can I send an SMS from my computer?

A: Yes, it is indeed viable to transmit an SMS through a computer with the aid of a text message marketing platform, such as the esteemed Trumpia. The requisites for accomplishing this task are a mere internet connection and a functional computer system. Subsequently, you are equipped to transmit SMS messages in a seamless manner, directly from your computer.

Q11: Can I send SMS to DND Numbers?

A: Yes, you are able to partake in the action of transmitting SMS to the DND Numbers. It is pertinent to note that the current era has brought about a myriad of techniques that telecommunication operators utilize to sift through promotional and transactional messages. Consequently, as long as your messages assume a transactional demeanor, the transmission of SMS to DND Numbers remains possible.

Q12: How fast will my message be delivered?

A: The velocity at which SMS messages traverse from their point of origin to the designated recipients is nothing short of instantaneous. In the majority of scenarios, your message is guaranteed to arrive within a matter of seconds. With the employment of cutting edge mechanisms such as Trumpia’s Automation Suite, you even have the ability to schedule the dispatch of your SMS messages to occur at a later point in time or date. Conversely, if you require the instantaneous transmission of an SMS, then you can exploit the real-time feature that boasts an impressive 12 Channels.

Q13: How much does it cost to send an SMS?

A: The remuneration required to effectively dispatch an SMS is subject to an array of factors that include, but are not limited to, the country of receipt, the specific carrier used, and the count of characters contained within the message. For example, should you choose to convey an SMS to the United States through Trumpia, then the cost will amount to a mere $0.01 per SMS. On the other hand, there are alternative tools that extend different methods of payment to suit your convenience. Some may require a monthly fee while others may levy a charge per SMS.

Q14: Can I send a picture in my SMS?

A: Yes, you can send pictures in your SMS using an MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). MMS is an extension of the SMS protocol that allows you to send pictures, videos, and other media in your SMS messages. But, be aware of the file size limit. MMS messages are typically limited to 500KB. If you want to make sure you are doing it right — remember these:

1. Have a great offer: Your MMS should include some sort of offer, whether it’s a discount, coupon, or freebie.

2. Keep it short and sweet: Just like with SMS, your MMS should be short and to the point. Don’t include too much text — people are more likely to read your MMS if it’s short and sweet.

3. Make the call to action clear: Include a clear call to action in your MMS so people know what you want them to do.

4. Use attractive visuals: People are more likely to pay attention to your MMS if it includes attractive visuals. So, make sure your pictures and videos are high quality and eye-catching.

5. Test, test, test: Before you send your MMS to your entire list, make sure to test it out first. Send it to a few friends or family members to get their feedback. This will help you make sure your MMS is perfect before you send it to everyone.

Q15: Do I need to worry about opt-ins?

A: Yes, you need to worry about opt-ins. If you don’t have an opt-in list, then you’re not doing SMS advertising correctly. An opt-in list is a list of people who have given you permission to send them SMS messages. Without an opt-in list, you will not be able to send SMS messages.

Q16: What if I don’t provide opt-out instructions?

A: If you don’t provide opt-out instructions in your SMS messages, then you’re not doing SMS marketing correctly. Opt-out instructions are necessary to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The TCPA requires that you provide a way for people to opt out of receiving SMS messages from you. Without opt-out instructions, you will violate the TCPA.

Q17: How long will SMS campaigns take to set up?

A: The time it takes to set up an SMS campaign will depend on the size and complexity of your campaign. A simple SMS campaign can be set up in a matter of minutes, while a more complex SMS campaign can take hours or even days to set up.

Q18: Will I need help to set up my SMS campaigns?

A: No, you will not need help to set up your SMS campaigns. However, if you need help, hiring an agency that specializes in SMS marketing is a good idea. At 12 Channels, we have a team of SMS marketing experts who can help you set up and manage your SMS campaigns.

Q19: What are the benefits of SMS marketing?

A: The benefits of SMS marketing include the ability to reach a large audience with a small investment, the ability to track results, and the ability to send targeted messages. Apart from these — SMS marketing can:

Targeting audiences effectively: One can effortlessly target their audience based on location, age, gender, interests, and a plethora of other criteria; henceforth, guaranteeing that the message is being directed towards individuals who are most likely to evince interest.

Generating leads: SMS marketing facilitates the generation of leads by dispatching targeted messages to prospective customers.

Promoting events: SMS marketing is a viable option for promoting an event, be it a concert or conference or anything else.

Boosting sales: SMS marketing aids in increasing sales by dispatching targeted messages to customers.

Building loyalty: SMS marketing can be leveraged to establish loyalty among your customer base by dispatching targeted messages.

Q20: Where can I learn more about SMS marketing?

A: If an individual wishes to expand their knowledge on the subject of SMS marketing, we strongly advocate perusing our SMS Marketing Guide. This guide is an all-encompassing source that entails everything from charting out your SMS campaigns to devising your messages to measuring your results.

Additionally, there are several supplementary resources, such as books and online courses, which can furnish one with a comprehensive understanding of SMS marketing. These resources are immensely valuable as they provide a more nuanced perspective and delve deeper into specific aspects of SMS marketing that one may find intriguing.


Many enterprises are not capitalizing on the immense potential of SMS advertising. As a result, there exists a prodigious opportunity for businesses to gain a competitive edge by incorporating an SMS marketing strategy.

Text message marketing is an influential mechanism that can be exploited to reach a vast audience, advertise events, spawn leads, hike up sales, and establish a loyal customer base. The versatility and efficacy of SMS marketing make it an indispensable tool for businesses to boost their marketing endeavors and augment their profits.

If you’re not using SMS marketing, we recommend that you start today. And if you need help, our team of SMS marketing experts at 12 Channels can assist you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of SMS advertising.

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