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Social Media Marketing For LinkedIn: Easy Guide


‘Social Media Marketing is a word with just 20 characters but is now ruling the entire global market”

In this digital world, the astounding and best contribution of digital marketing is this. At present date, a business cannot run the way it should as per the market scenario if it’s not socially active. Since social media has become a part of our human lives.

The new world is now heading towards the digital era. The Digital era is a completely digitized world. Here, people are working more to work less. It means this digital era requires very less physical effort than the traditional era. SMM is becoming a medium through which you can easily travel to the digital era.

So basically, the main reason behind picking social media marketing for LinkedIn as a marketing platform is the statistics of ‘optinmonster.com’ 2021, which clearly says that it’s in the list of top 5 social media marketing platforms by snatching the position number 4. 

With an astounding 810 million active users, Social media marketing for Linkedin became a popular practice to connect with business professionals. Having such a huge number of users gives the platform a good reputation and also a brand title. Earlier people were just using LinkedIn to get paid clients, but now you can use it for marketing your ideas, products, strategies, skills, and much more.

Without wasting much time on getting an outlook, let’s travel inside social media marketing for LinkedIn to understand their financial figures and awe-inspiring marketing strategies. Let’s see how LinkedIn went into the market for the marketers, what features it carries and your question about how to grow your business will get clarified.

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What Is Social Media Marketing For LinkedIn? 

So basically, LinkedIn is a social media platform where a user can promote a LinkedIn post, to make it sponsored content. It could be a photo, a video, or even a job ad. The directly sponsored content of LinkedIn will allow you to test the audience and through it, you can also create different versions of your ad. Through this, you can get a better picture of how your audiences are engaging.

Here you’ll find campaign groups. Campaigns groups are a type of marketing group which makes it very easier for the advertiser to control the budget, run dates and see reporting across multiple channels.

These are a few basic knowledge on how LinkedIn works for carrying out marketing activities on a digital basis. LinkedIn has created a great impact in the field of digital marketing. 

Features Of LinkedIn

Many of you were questioning Google, and what are the features of LinkedIn. Undoubtedly, this question is raised in numbers because LinkedIn is a thriving place for all types of business professionals out in the world. LinkedIn has proved itself as the destination for job seekers, marketing professionals, mentors of different niches, executives of all types of brands, and more from every type of business range.

As far as the digital marketing part is concerned, LinkedIn has almost gained several fan bases only because of the features it carries. The features of LinkedIn are also the essential elements of it. Without properly acquainting with features, an individual or a business profile cannot derive maximum from this platform.

The essential elements or the key features of LinkedIn are explained under.

1. LinkedIn Profile

To grab the most out of this social media platform, you must have a great, ideal, and eye-catching business profile. A good business profile is very important for businesses. A good profile gives a general idea about all the relevant information related to your business to the audience. It offers the viewers to know more about your company.

It’s said that a great business profile is important because it nudges potential investors to directly communicate with you. LinkedIn helps you to prepare a great business profile by uploading media posts. 

2. Network

LinkedIn allows its users to show their professional network. A professional network means the list of professionals you are connected with on LinkedIn. Linkedin also shows its users the list of audiences you would like to get connected with.

A good network is very important to find general audiences and target5 clients on the platform. The LinkedIn network also provides you with the advantage of setting up a potential customers list.

3. Jobs

Linkedin profiles will also help businesses to recruit individuals for different marketing activities. Many people give their information including their portfolio and working experience in different fields, through which you can easily recruit relevant and suitable personnel for your business.

Job profiles will help you to recruit skilled, educated, and experienced individuals. 

4. Messages

Linkedin also provides you with a feature of messaging another professional. Through this, you can directly get connected with your customers by messaging them. This will help you to create a healthy and balanced relationship with them.

It also allows you to attach files through which you can send the links and visual contents of your business to your audiences.

5. Notification

Linkedin also carries another feature that allows its users to get to know about who endorsed you, who invited you to join, who is viewing your profile, and what they want to communicate with you.

These are a list of key features of LinkedIn which is very helpful for the business to get the basic knowledge about the platform.

How To Grow Your Business On LinkedIn Through SMM?

50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions.

(Source: Small Business Trends)

Well, every business aims at expecting wonderful growth in their business, and every business finds new and effective techniques daily to meet its marketing needs. Similarly, LinkedIn is also a type of social media platform where small businesses, as well as large businesses, can easily compete in the global market.

social media marketing for linkedin

The stats prove great, yet the question arises, how to grow your business.

To grow with the help of social media by using LinkedIn, you as a marketer, must prepare a different, unique and effective marketing strategy. You should include all the key points through which you can derive best out of best advantages from it. 

#1 Create A Page

Firstly, you must create a business page on LinkedIn. Just like with any other social media platform. Sign up with linkedin and create a profile for your account. You have to upload all your business details there including the line of business and the details of your content.

#2 Promote It

Now you have to post content there. Consitently posting relevant content on your linkedin page will help you reach out to more people online. Most importantly, you’ve to carry out all the promotional tasks on your own.

#3 Share Content Regularly

As discussed earlier, sharing content regularly will picture your content whenever your audience opens the platform. This will help you in catching the frequent attention of the viewers. It is not only important to be consitent but to be patient with your results. No page ever has created an impact the first few days of creating. Authenticity and relevancy are much appreciated on Linkedin, with more and more professionals looking forward to get some motivation and inspiration from fellow professionals.

#4 Target Sales Prospects

You must identify and target your ideal audience. You must give extra priority to your targeted sales prospectus. 

#5 Invite People To Follow

Inviting the general audience to follow your brand, sending them the contents of your business, and communicating with them regularly will result in enormous benefits.

#6 Activate Your Employees

Without the efforts of insiders, you cannot stay up to the mark. So giving utmost priority to your employees will improve their morale and boost their performances.

#7 Measure Impact

If you’d like to make better content and would like to attract more and more customers then you must measure the performance of your content. It’ll provide you with all the information about your business as well as about your customer.

#8 Control Performance

You must control where your business is drowning. You’ve to find your weaker sections and focus more on them to ignore future obstacles.

#9 Enhance

After measuring the performance and controlling the results, you must focus on enhancing your content. The more attractive and creative your content, the more you can get results out of it.

These are a few basic and popular techniques through which you can easily grow your business on LinkedIn.


When it comes to social media marketing, LinkedIn has never stepped down to get an overall growth. By considering a few basic requirements and acknowledging all the resources that are required, you can easily derive success rates for your business profile.

SMM creates no barrier for the platforms that are coming forward to take this world to a progressed generation. LinkedIn has opened a wide social media platform through which even small-scale businesses and large businesses can easily grow and survive for a longer period in the market. 

Learn how to harness the power of social media with our experts. We’ll give you a free consultation and help throughout your entire campaign at 12 channels! You have time to make a change, you just need the motivation. Contact us and get started today! 

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