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How Popular Brands Do Social Media Marketing – The Fantastic 4


“Success in social media marketing is all about sales and having millions of trusted customers.”

This 15-word sentence is a dream and objective of every business in this world. 

This may sound very awful but practically every business, regardless of the genre they are with, mainly focuses on building these two key factors in every marketing strategy. 

The results of successful business may appear within countable numbers but the insider struggle is always something different. Businessmen think farther than being just unique to bring the best output. This is the reason behind standing like a pillar in the global market. 

If brands on social media couldn’t satisfy their customers then they cannot compete with their competitors. Since a business is a separate entity, it becomes very crucial for the owners to target the audience in the right way in the name of the business. Many businesses also failed in the survival period but there are certain brands that are now ruling the market in their respective domains. 

As far as Social media marketing is concerned, it raises the level of concentration for all the members who are associated with the business to involve quality inputs. This will only help the business to grow, stand, rule the global market, and can take you on the list of top brands on social media. 

Here we’re going to cover the social media marketing strategies and the activities through which brands on social media are creating their unique brand image to be on the list of companies with the best social media presence.

Gear up yourselves and let’s start with knowing about the companies with the best social media presence and how Starbucks got the best stars from its audience.


Starbucks, an American Multinational Chain primarily focusing on ‘coffee’ dealing worldwide. It was founded on 30/03/1971 in Washington, US by Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegl, and Jerry Baldwin. 

Even being an American Multinational company currently ruling the entire world in its domain. Most importantly STARBUCKS on social media was actually pursuing enough confidence to handle the scuffling key factors of the market, focused on building it, and now it’s on the list of one of the most famous multinational companies. 

Starbucks on social media has turned the entire digital market towards it by giving its audience what they’ve been expecting for ages. Nowadays, it is revealing all the best items that can be considered in the top list, according to the wants of customers.

The main reason behind the success of Starbucks on social media is that they’ve attacked its flaws with utmost accuracy, without fail. It means they’ve mainly focused on building something which is unique, creative, and attractive at the same time. But, behind just being this recognizable brand, they’ve kept their eyes on so many other things that made their objectives successful. 

#1 Ad campaigns

Besides just being neutral on social media, Starbucks also runs many ad campaigns to manage their customers. They mainly focus on showing their products in the most unique manner throughout their every video and image.

Among all of its ad campaigns, the ‘Good feels good’ campaign gave them the most unexpected fruits. It includes 7 video spots that feature different groups of people. They’ve designed different versions for different marketing platforms.

Ad campaigns gave them the best revenue from all the mediums that were associated with their brand.

#2 Narration building

Starbucks on social media doesn’t just aim at showcasing their outputs, but they attach a Narration with their products which gives them the best results out of their best inputs. 

The brand recognizes the interests of audiences, focuses on building them, and collects feedback and personal experiences of their customers. By focusing more on the audience than just focusing on the products, they managed to create themselves as a recognizable and loyal brand.

#3 Consistency everywhere

By being consistent in every part of business, Starbucks on social media is committed to achieving its unachievable targets. 

They don’t just post their content, it is more than that because their posts reflect the vision of their audiences. This is how they managed to be consistent everywhere to lose the chance of losing anything.

#4 User-generated content

Starbucks doesn’t create what it likes to but creates what its audience wants to be created by them.  

Starbucks on social media mainly aims at collecting the personal experiences of its audiences and then it focuses on creating what its customers are expecting. It never crosses the boundary limit to be with the audience.

Therefore, at present, it’s one of the most popular multinational companies.

#5 Priority to audience

Starbucks cherishes and obeys the feedback and suggestions of their customers. It always gives its first priority to its audiences. 

This will help in generating a feeling of priority in the audience, to get the utmost out of them.

This strategy is very important to build a good customer base and win the hearts and trust of the customers.

Starbucks has been very successful in the world of social media marketing. It has aligned its marketing efforts with its marketing strategy to get this result. If you’d like to run your business like this, then it should be for you to get all this information in your strategy notepad.


social media marketing

Adidas is a German Multinational company founded in Bavaria in 1949 by the founder Adolf Dassler.  

“We had a successful start to the year, delivering double-digit sales increases in our strategic growth areas Greater China and e-commerce as well as another strong profitability improvement.” – Kasper Rorsted, Adidas CEO (2019)

Adidas is currently one of the world’s top leading sporting apparel brands. In order to achieve this amount of success, they added Digital Marketing as a part of their marketing strategy. Statistics revealed that they spend around an astounding 90% of their marketing budget on digital marketing campaigns and on social media marketing platforms.

With this huge marketing budget, they also keep eye on a few of their major and essential points that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored while preparing strategic brand management.

#1 Relationship

Adidas on social media is super fine in maintaining relationships with their customers. Being a frequent attachment with their customers they’ve presented the results in front of the general marketing public which is massive. 

Adidas on social media has a smart and effective marketing strategy. It creates Taglines and Slogans to attract more and more eyeballs.

Relationships between customers and businesses are important for maintaining a healthy relationship.

#2 Campaigns

Marketing Ad campaigns are as important as running a business online. It provides the business with a focused edge. 

It’s a strategy to attract more and more audiences that can benefit from your business. And Adidas on social media is currently one of the ruling sports wearing brands and globally it’s the most trusted one. 

Through ad campaigns, Adidas has enhanced the opportunity for sales and referrals.  

#3 Collaboration

Collaboration with influencers and many other top marketing brands gave Adidas on social media enough opportunities to grow and attract audiences worldwide. 

It helped the company to understand the impacts and new directions to take in the future.

Adidas on social media gained productivity and raised a sense of mutual interest between the brand and the collaborating individuals and brands.

#4 Strategic cities

Since a targeted audience is a must for every business, Adidas thought a little bit higher than that. 

Adidas on social media first set its target audience then it attacked by building strategic cities to have more and more sales. For this, they’ve chosen London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Here the buying ratio of the individuals was higher in numbers so they especially focus on selling items more in these cities.

#5 Empowering needs

Adidas not only goes with the customer’s flow but also understands the societal needs and norms that are to be raised.

Adidas, not only produces products but also stands for social causes in so many ways. It gave high importance to community development. This helped them to build loyalty and trust among the customers.

In 2020, Adidas on social media raised their support for the audience by posting an image on Twitter, writing ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ in yellow colors. Adidas also stands with the women to raise a voice for ‘women empowerment. 

If you’d like to build a really strong relationship with your customers then you must obey what your audience is feeling. 

NYKAA Social Media Marketing

NYKAA, an Indian beauty brand dealing with makeup, skincare, and wellness products is now giving tough competition to the global market.

It has around 5 million active monthly users. It’s currently leading in its domain for acquiring such a huge customer base. 

NYKAA’s most important marketing strategy is to attract more and more audiences by setting Influencers as a medium. NYKAA gives extra attention to its Influencers and fortunately, their actions resulted in the best and most effective approach toward certain goals. 

It has a total of 6 social media marketing accounts that are completely dedicated to the main brands i.e Nykaa Fashion, Nykaa Beauty, Nykaa Man, and Naykd by Nykaa (a lingerie brand). They’ve always focused on building informative and engaging content for their audiences. They also conduct live sessions on social media with experts to reveal the backstage of their brand. NYKAA’s stellar content is helping the business to rule in its domain.

NYKAA social media presence always provides eye-catching and trendy material to their customers to engage them and increase awareness among them. It keeps an extra eye on customers’ experience to build a healthy relationship with them and simultaneously it helps in building trust. In order to drive future products and content with the help of Influencers, it gives utmost importance to their associated influencers.

Besides this, the best part is that NYKAA’s founder and CEO Falguni Nayar is an Indian businesswoman and also a billionaire.


Apple, a company dealing in electronics, cloud-based services, and computer technology started on 1st April 1976, by three founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. 

When it comes to smm, Apple on social media portrays a completely different marketing strategy. Its marketing strategy is completely different from other companies. Apple focuses on deviations to rise to the top without much effort. 

Like Apple is entirely different from other electronic items, similarly, Apple’s marketing strategy is also completely different from other companies. Even being partially active in social media marketing, the content gives the brand equal digital advantages.

It primarily aims at some points which might be uncertain for other social media marketing platforms but only from following these points Apple got what it is today. 

No extra exposure

Apple on social media has never exaggerated when it comes to marketing its products or business. They just went on and played the game as if nothing happened. This simplicity in content presentation gave their content a worldwide reputation. 

They never beg for extra exposure in their content. This raised a sense of loyalty and a disciplined company image in front of their audience.

Strategic planning

Spreading resources in no man’s land can be very disrespectful for multinational companies. If a company fails in creating strategic brand management then it cannot achieve its organizational and marketing objective. 

Apple on social media made perfect strategic planning which was completely based on the marketing scenario. It studies the market to the roots and gets the best out of the best. Hence, it never fails in achieving the eyeballs of audiences.

Customer engagement index

It became very important for businesses that deal with different interests of people to get the right information from them. And most importantly it becomes extra essential for the popular business to maintain a customer engagement index. 

The engagement ratio and the average engagement rate of the platform are very important for the business to consider before planning for any marketing content. Apple on social media makes these complications move so smoothly. They focus only on the points which can advantage their business.

Customer service

After-sales service to the customers is the key to breathing in the market for the businesses. Many customers approach Apple directly through social media platforms and if that raised question appears effective in front of the company then the company surely takes action.

To catch the interest, loyalty, and trust of the customers, Apple on social media creates every single effort by taking the help of social media platforms.

Relationship with customers

No company will grow or survive for a longer period in the market if they have failed in maintaining a healthy relationship with the customers. A relationship with the customers will help the business to build reputation, credibility, and a sense of trust.

Apple on social media has never stepped down while keeping a relationship with its customers. They know how to handle their target customers and this is how they turn the general audiences into potential customers.

This is how Apple on social media tackles every marketing hurdle effectively and efficiently. The reason behind getting the market trust is their best usage of resources.


Learning about brands and their strategic brand management is very important before starting a business through social media marketing. This platform can give you 100 bucks of success but can also damage your expectations if it isn’t used properly. 

Companies with the best social media presence are ruling in the global market.

This entire article is based completely on the case studies, how brands used this marketing channel, and how they got successful returns. Investment in brands in social media for marketing purposes isn’t a bad idea unless you don’t know how it works. 

This channel can be one of your best marketing strategies all around. And if you need help getting started, here at 12 channels, we specialize in helping businesses break down barriers and pursue high dreams!

Learn how to harness the power of social media marketing with our experts. We’ll give you a free consultation and help throughout your entire campaign at 12 channels! You have time to make a change, you just need the motivation. Contact us and get started today! 

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