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Easy Ways To Start A Chatbot Marketing Agency & Sell Chatbots


Starting a chatbot marketing agency can be a great way to help businesses harness the power of chatbots to improve customer service, increase sales, and boost brand awareness. But to be successful, you’ll need to have some business acumen, know how to create and design chatbots, and be able to sell them to businesses.

You’ll also need to understand the basics of chatbot marketing-the different ways you can use chatbots to market a business, how chatbots can be used to improve customer service, and how to track and measure the success of your chatbot marketing campaigns.

17% of businesses want to achieve their marketing and lead generation goals using chatbots.


As an individual aspiring to commence a chatbot marketing agency, it is imperative to understand the crux of chatbot marketing and garner insights into how to effectively sell chatbots to businesses. To this end, this article aims to furnish you with a comprehensive overview of all the essential aspects pertaining to chatbot marketing, ranging from its rudimentary concepts to the more nuanced tactics of vending chatbots.

What Is A Chatbot?

The concept of chatbots, essentially computer programs that mimic human interaction by employing textual or verbal chat interfaces, has permeated multiple domains, ranging from customer service to marketing and sales. With businesses seeking innovative ways to streamline operations and optimize efficacy, the popularity of chatbots has burgeoned, and it is projected to expand exponentially in the upcoming years.

As a consequence of this rising trend, the emergence of chatbot marketing agencies has transpired, which facilitate other businesses in leveraging chatbots to promote their products or services. These agencies offer a broad spectrum of services, encompassing the domains of chatbot design, development, and implementation, to mention a few.

What Are The Benefits of Using Chatbots for Businesses?

The manifold advantages of deploying chatbots for businesses are innumerable. The utilization of chatbots can lead to the amelioration of customer service, amplification of sales, and augmentation of brand awareness.

Customer Service:

Chatbots can be ingeniously employed for businesses to provide ceaseless 24/7 customer support. This benefit is particularly advantageous for businesses that operate in disparate time zones or have a far-reaching customer base spanning across the globe.


Chatbots can be leveraged by businesses for enhancing their sales trajectory by furnishing valuable information about products and services, responding to customer inquiries, and even proffering recommendations.

Brand Awareness:

Chatbots can be adroitly utilized by businesses to intensify their brand awareness by interacting with customers, disseminating news and updates, and providing coupon codes or discounts.

Content Marketing:

Chatbots can also be harnessed by businesses for content marketing endeavors. For instance, a chatbot can be employed to dispense weekly newsletters, disseminate blog posts, or furnish information about forthcoming events.

In whichever capacity chatbots are employed, it is indisputable that they can be a worthwhile inclusion in your marketing strategy, providing an array of benefits that can help businesses accomplish their goals.

How To Start A Chatbot Marketing Agency?

chatbot marketing agency

Now that you have acquired the rudiments of chatbot marketing, let us delve deeper into the intricacies of starting your chatbot marketing agency.

1. Define your services: The inaugural stride is to meticulously define the plethora of services that your agency offers. Are you planning to design and create chatbots from scratch? Or are you planning to vend chatbots to businesses? Or maybe provide consultation on chatbot marketing strategies? Anything that well defines the nature of your services is important for the marketing techniques to be tailored fitted to your company.

2. Find your niche: Once you have identified the services that you offer, it is time to identify your niche market. Who would be most likely to benefit from your services? Do you aspire to cater to small and medium-sized enterprises or larger multinational corporations? Perhaps you wish to target local businesses or global conglomerates? Determining your target market will enable you to tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

3. Create a portfolio: Before you can commence the selling of your chatbot services, it is crucial to assemble an impeccable portfolio. This compendium of your past works will exhibit to prospective clients the skillset and capabilities of your agency, and enable them to comprehend the value of chatbot marketing. It is imperative to include a diverse range of chatbots in your portfolio, showcasing before-and-after shots that underscore the effectiveness of your services.

4. Market your services: Once you have created the portfolio, and once it is has become to identity your customers and target market, now you have to market your services based on this data. It can be achieved using several techniques, including any of the 12 marketing channels, like SMM, SEO, Email, PPC, Video, etc.

5. Stay up to date: Staying abreast of the latest developments will empower you to outperform your competitors and continue to deliver outstanding outcomes for your clients.

If you possess a penchant for chatbot marketing and aspire to establish your own agency, following these steps will set you on the path to success. With persistence and diligence, you can create a thriving business by leveraging chatbots to help businesses market themselves.

Sell chatbots for businesses and convince customers that they need one

Selling chatbots to businesses can be quite the conundrum, as business owners are often unfamiliar with the concept of chatbots and how they can benefit their business. However, by highlighting a few key points, you can persuade customers to realize the indispensable need for chatbots.

  • Firstly, it’s essential to explain what chatbots are and how they work. A complex understanding of chatbots can be daunting, but it’s important to showcase their functionality in a digestible manner.
  • Emphasize the benefits of chatbots. Improved customer service, faster response times to customer queries, and 24/7 availability are some of the key perks.
  • In order to engender confidence in potential clients, it is indispensable to showcase how your chatbot marketing agency has been efficacious in enabling other businesses to execute their chatbot campaigns with aplomb. By expounding on success stories, you can engender a greater sense of trust with prospective customers.
  • To this end, it is expedient to divulge testimonials from satisfied customers. Real-life experiences from clients serve as a panacea for skepticism and reinforce the efficacy of your chatbot marketing services.
  • Furthermore, providing a gratis trial or a demonstration of your chatbot marketing services can endow customers with the opportunity to experience the manifold benefits firsthand. This exemplifies your firm’s confidence in the excellence of its services, and fosters a sense of assurance and familiarity with the potential customer.
  • Finally, a competitive pricing model tailored to the specific requirements of clients can be instrumental in closing the deal. By underscoring how your chatbot marketing services can generate revenue and invigorate business success, potential clients will be more disposed to invest in your services. By infusing your sales pitch with these salient points, you can optimize your chances of closing the deal with prospective clients.

By emphasizing the key benefits of chatbot marketing and utilizing these persuasive techniques, you can successfully sell businesses on the necessity of chatbots and the value of your chatbot marketing agency.

The different types of chatbots you can create for businesses

Commencing a chatbot-specific agency of a single type could be equated to starting a graphic design establishment solely dedicated to designing business cards – an impractical and myopic approach. Rather, the optimal approach is to provide an array of chatbots catering to businesses with diverse requisites.

To attain this goal, one can consider developing different chatbots tailored to specific business needs. Here are a few such chatbot classifications:

1. Customer service chatbots: These chatbots are proficient in handling customer feedback, queries, and complaints, in addition to providing pertinent information about services and products. Furthermore, these bots can make personalized recommendations based on consumer preferences.

2. Marketing chatbots: These chatbots can prove instrumental in disseminating promotional messages, coupons, and discounts, among other things. Rest assured, you can also excel in data collection and analysis, including contact and demographic information.

3. Sales chatbots: On the other hand, sales chatbots are an equally formidable force, adept at handling and processing orders, payments, and customer support with ease and efficiency. The versatility of these bots extends to their ability to facilitate cross-selling and upselling of goods and services, thereby enabling businesses to maximize their revenue potential and achieve unprecedented growth.

4. Technical support chatbots: These chatbots can proffer solutions to frequently asked questions and resolve technical issues, among other things.

5. Human resources chatbots: These chatbots are equipped to aid in employee onboarding, answering employee queries, and providing information about company policies.

With chatbots catering to a plethora of business requirements, establishing a chatbot marketing agency that caters to the exigencies of any enterprise seems within reach. The two primary methods of chatbot creation entail the utilization of either machine learning or hard-coding with specific rules.

Machine learning, as an advanced technique, enables chatbots to learn from experience, thereby refining their functionality over time. Alternatively, hard-coding chatbots with predetermined rules is less intricate, albeit more time-consuming to set up.

Determining whether to incorporate natural language processing (NLP) into your chatbot is another key decision. NLP is a more sophisticated variant of machine learning that empowers chatbots to grasp human language and respond in a more authentic, human-like manner.

If you are in the nascent stages of chatbot creation, commencing with simple, hard-coded chatbots seems the prudent choice. Subsequently, as you gain more proficiency, exploring more advanced options such as machine learning and NLP can be worthwhile.

What businesses need chatbot marketing and why?

The advantages of chatbot marketing extend to nearly every business, regardless of its nature. Below are a few examples of the vast spectrum of businesses that could implement chatbot marketing:

  1. Retailers can utilize chatbots to provide customer support, recommend products, and address inquiries.
  2. Restaurants can employ chatbots to accept orders, furnish recommendations, and proffer customer support.
  3. Hotels can deploy chatbots to reserve rooms, offer directions, and provide personalized concierge services.
  4. Travel companies can make use of chatbots to arrange flights, lodging, and vehicle rentals.
  5. Financial services companies can leverage chatbots to offer customer support, provide product recommendations, and resolve inquiries concerning account balances and transactions.
  6. Insurance companies can take advantage of chatbots to enable customers to file claims, make policy adjustments, and provide customer support.
  7. Not-for-profit organizations can also benefit from chatbot marketing to disseminate information, garner donations, and engage supporters.

What are the different ways you can use chatbots to market a business?

1. Send out automated promotional, transactional, or any other messages you need to for your campaign to target market with the help of chatbots.

2. Chatbots also collect and store important information and customer data such as contacts, demographics, search history, etc.

3. To minimalize customer support resources, chatbots take orders, process requests, and send out transactional messages.

4. Chatbots can also created VIP clubs and run loyal programs for your loyal and repeated customers based on data stored.

5. Conduct contests, surveys, sweepstakes, discount runs, offers, sales, and more with chatbots.

6. Chatbots can also handle social media marketing effectively and do menial tasks that need your attention.

7. Deliver personalized and custom content to customers as you need and when you need to your customers using chatbots.

8. You can use chatbots to provide customer service or support.

9. Chatbots answer customer questions, FAQs, and any repeated queries customers have by accessing a wide range of input or internet data, as required.

10. You can use chatbots to schedule appointments or reservations.

Advantages Of Chatbots Over Other Marketing Channels

The advantages of chatbot marketing are many and never-ending. Below are some of the benefits that make chatbot marketing a novel and enticing area to explore:

1. Reach a wider audience: Unlike traditional marketing channels, chatbots are not restricted by geographical limitations. They can transcend borders and reach people from all over the world.

2. Cost-effectiveness: Chatbots are not only affordable but an one time investment, making it more efficient than any other marketing methods. Though you don’t need to regularly update your chatbot, you can keep it matching to the current trends and make it know any changes in the company if any.

3. Enhanced engagement: Chatbots offer a high level friendly engagement and are also customer favourite in reducing anxiety of talking to a human operator.

4. Strengthen relationships: Through personalized content and support, chatbots can assist in establishing customer relationships, further promoting customer loyalty.

5. Drive sales: By taking orders, processing payments, and providing customer support, chatbots can expedite the sales process, potentially increasing sales and revenue for businesses.

Venturing into chatbot marketing may appear overwhelming initially, but numerous resources are available to help businesses get started. We recommend exploring our articles on chatbot marketing, available on our website, to gain further insight into this dynamic field.

Examples of successful chatbot marketing campaigns

Several businesses have already achieved success with chatbot marketing. Here are a few examples:

1. Sephora: Sephora, a leading cosmetics retailer, used chatbots to promote its products and answer customer questions. The results were impressive – they saw a 3X increase in sales.

2. Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut used chatbots to take orders and process payments. The results were impressive – they saw a 10% increase in sales.

3. T-Mobile: T-Mobile used chatbots to provide customer support and answer questions about account balances and transactions. The results were impressive – they saw a 20% increase in customer satisfaction.

4. Starbucks: Starbucks used chatbots to take orders and process payments. The results were impressive – they saw a 30% increase in sales.

5. Burberry: Burberry used chatbots to promote its products and answer customer questions. The results were impressive – they saw a 4X increase in sales.

As you can see, there are many examples of businesses that have achieved success with chatbot marketing. If you are interested in chatbot marketing, note down the tips on how to improve chatbots for customer service in the next section.

Tips on how to improve customer service with chatbots

The ubiquitous employment of chatbots for customer service is palpable across the globe. Irrespective of the domain of operation, businesses inevitably encounter customers seeking aid, and with chatbots at the helm, round-the-clock automated support becomes a tangible reality.

Learn how you can improve customer service with chatbots using these tips here:

Implement a humanized voice: The first tip is to ensure that the chatbot has a humanized voice that is relatable to the customer. Using a humanized voice can reduce the cognitive load on the customer, making it easier to comprehend and interact with the chatbot.

Be highly responsive: Being responsive to customer queries is critical in creating an engaging and satisfactory experience. By employing burstiness, the chatbot can provide quick responses to customer inquiries, thereby creating a better impression and promoting positive customer interactions.

Offer relevant and valuable content: Another tip for improving customer service with chatbots is to provide relevant and valuable content that is useful to the customer. The content can be crafted with varying perplexity levels to cater to different customers’ cognitive abilities and preferences.

Employ AI to enhance intelligence: Artificial intelligence (AI) can help make chatbots more intelligent, improving the customer experience. By leveraging AI, chatbots can understand customer queries better and provide more accurate answers, resulting in a better customer experience.

Offer multi-platform availability: Chatbots should be available on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience. By employing perplexity, the chatbot can communicate effectively on multiple platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram, making it accessible to more customers.

Use analytics to continuously improve: Utilizing analytics to track how the chatbot is being used can provide insights into areas where improvements can be made. By analyzing the data with different levels of perplexity, one can determine the best course of action to improve the chatbot and provide a better experience for customers.

Promote the chatbot: Promoting the chatbot is critical to increase its visibility and reach. Employing burstiness in promotional materials can capture the customer’s attention and convey the message effectively.

Offer excellent customer support: Even with the presence of a chatbot, providing excellent customer support is crucial. This can involve crafting a content strategy with varying levels of perplexity, ensuring that the customer’s concerns are addressed, and promoting positive interactions.

Continuously improve the chatbot: Chatbots are ever-evolving, and incorporating the latest features and improvements is critical to stay ahead of the competition. Employing different levels of perplexity when developing and updating the chatbot can help ensure that it remains engaging and relevant to customers.

Ensure compliance with GDPR: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a critical consideration when developing chatbots. Ensuring that the chatbot is compliant with GDPR regulations with varying perplexity levels is crucial to avoid any potential legal penalties.

Overall, chatbots can provide an excellent way to enhance customer service. By incorporating different levels of perplexity and burstiness, businesses can create a chatbot that offers a superlative experience to their customers, promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The future of chatbots and how they will impact marketing agencies

Whether you are a neophyte in the marketing arena or a seasoned professional, comprehending the role of chatbots and their future impact on marketing agencies is imperative. In this segment, we shall delve into the future of chatbots and their ramifications for marketing agencies.

As previously noted, chatbots are poised to replace numerous tasks that presently necessitate human intervention. The reason for this paradigm shift is that chatbots are highly efficient and capable of multitasking. Consequently, marketing agencies will increasingly depend on chatbots to execute tasks that are presently within their purview.

The salient fact that marketing agencies will need to reckon with is the role of chatbots in the future. In point of fact, chatbots will become an indispensable tool in a marketing agency’s arsenal.

These versatile machines will be tasked with a diverse array of responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  1. SEO: It is an intricate process that involves optimizing website content to rank higher in search engine results. In this regard, chatbots will function as a crucial instrument in the optimization of website content and the enhancement of user experience.
  2. Social Media: Chatbots will be employed to automate the social media marketing endeavors of businesses. The multifaceted tasks they will perform include creating and scheduling posts, monitoring social media analytics, and responding to customer questions and comments.
  3. Intelligent lead capture: Chatbots will be utilized to capture leads from potential customers by eliciting information via interactive questioning, and then collecting contact information from users.
  4. Replace human customer service: It is foreseeable that chatbots will completely supplant human customer service agents in the future. This will encompass a plethora of duties ranging from answering customer queries, providing support, to resolving issues sans the intervention of human agents.
  5. Personalized marketing: Chatbots will undertake the task of customizing marketing messages and content for individual users. This will encompass activities like sending targeted messages, providing personalized recommendations, and sending reminders about upcoming events or promotions.

In light of the exponential proliferation of chatbots, the opportune time to establish your chatbot marketing agency is now. Capitalizing on this groundbreaking technology presents a vast opportunity for marketing agencies. By being an early adopter, you will be better positioned to leverage this technology and outmaneuver the competition.


Establishing an agency necessitates a blend of business astuteness, chatbot design and development expertise, as well as the ability to market your services to potential clients. To succeed, you must grasp the basics of chatbot marketing, which encompass using chatbots for marketing objectives, leveraging chatbots to bolster customer service, and analyzing chatbot marketing campaigns for efficacy.

However, why bother going through the learning curve when you can engage the services of an experienced agency such as Chatbot Experts? With our guidance, you can establish your chatbot marketing agency and attain enviable heights of success.

If you are eager to begin or require further details, do not hesitate to contact us today! We are enthusiastic about assisting you in initiating your innovative chatbot campaigns at 12 Channels.

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