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Social media marketing is very essential for all businesses, regardless of the line of products or services they’re dealing with. There are an astounding 4.62Billion social media users in the world. For more than several users, social media has become a part of our life. 

For carrying on a business, reaching out to your audiences, understanding their behavior, learning about the market, targeting the audience, and also spreading content worldwide social media is there to give hand. 

Social media platforms and SMM though may appear different but work on a hand-to-hand basis. One is incomplete without another. They are similar to the opposite poles of a magnet. You’ll see that magic when they both get combined.

The main reason behind this overall scenario is the marketing companies that have done miracles in their respective domains through SMM. The role of social media in marketing is like oxygen to humans. At present, if you’d like to spread your business worldwide then you’ll have to reach smm agencies.

Social media marketing agencies

The three Social media agencies are ruling the world right now because of their awe-inspiring performance concerning the digital marketing tactics and giving importance to social media in marketing.

#1 Sculpt

It’s a B2B social media marketing agency. They help B2B marketing and business leaders acquire and delight customers with proven social media marketing programs. They also help in building organic and paid social media strategies for businesses to grow faster. 

SCULPT also helps in generating leads and customers from social media. This company works with brands that are related to the B2B marketing association.

If your business’s main aim is to generate leads and customers and if you’re dealing in a B2B platform then SCULPT is the best agency.

#2 Joseph Studios

It’s a marketing agency that mainly focuses on organic social. It is specialized in organic growth in the field of marketing. It focuses on both B2B and B2C operations. Apart from just engaging customers from various platforms, it also takes part in relevant communities to get a better picture of the audience and grow a loyal following base.

So if your business aims at taking the organic route of growth then this company Joseph Studios is best for you.

#3 Pan-up production

This company PanupTV is completely based on providing video content. It’s an amazing social video production company. This company mainly focuses on creating a wide range of social video campaigns.

They’ve already worked with Netflix, Tinder, Square, Southwest, and even Apple and Amazon. 

This is a small glimpse of the companies which are dominating many others in their respective domains. And for business enthusiasts looking for an agency at affordable prices, we have our own. Subject matter experts at our agency are available 24/7 to help you with your services.

The recipe behind the success of these companies

As social marketers target younger audiences, they need to keep an eye on the change in platform usage. Facebook reigns supreme with Millennials and older, but members of Generation Z prefer YouTube (87%) and Instagram (85%)

(Source: Smperth)

There’s always a reason behind successful results. And for most of the successful SMM agencies like SCULPT, Joseph studios, and Pan up production, the reason behind their success is just maintaining discipline in the market and accepting the policy of going with the flow. 

Since the beginning of these businesses, they’ve only aimed at continuing their past formula for growth and survival. 

It isn’t any scientific or chemical formula but indeed it’s no less important than any of them both. By following this marketing formula, they are what they are now. They’d have faced enormous hurdles and even negative radiations of the market if they ignored these essential planning elements.

social media platforms

They just follow one formula, the formula of success. It is-

Research – connect – aim – plan – achieve

Frequent audience research

If your business is still manufacturing products and using technology that is at the present period outdated, then it’s damn sure that they won’t achieve any marketing objective.

If you are moving with an already researched audience base then you may not get enough success. 

Carrying out audience research activities at regular intervals will benefit businesses in a wide range. It helps the business to identify the customer’s choices, needs, desires, and interests. These points are very important while preparing marketing content.

Connected to market

No matter how busy you are in producing and selling your products or services, you must keep an extra eye on the conditions of the market. 

The market will provide you with ample information like details about your competitors, their financial position, their marketing strategy, and their tools and tactics for dealing with the general audience.

Priority to quality

Audiences are more interested in consuming one best product rather than consuming three average products. This sentence will show you a perfect picture of how you can influence your audience and how you can focus on the targets.

If you’re a newbie in the market and starting your marketing career from scratch, as soon as you enter, if you focus more on increasing the number of products then there’s a probability of occurring high loss. Any type of business, regardless of its size, should always focus on building quality products over increasing the quantity.

Collaboration with other channels

If you only focus on any single channel you may not get that level of returns. By collaborating one marketing channel with other marketing channels you can easily generate leads, drive traffic towards your business, and can build a potential customer base.

Combining with other digital marketing channels, you can easily divert the sales, build brand awareness, and can build a strong and recognizable brand.

The strategy required to become the best

Your business will surely ask you for a better, effective, and efficient marketing strategy while entering into a social media marketing platform. 

So basically the marketing strategy is the most important thing when it comes to business. As it affects the business as well as the content that it produces, it holds a very crucial position in front of marketers.

To produce good marketing content like every social media marketing agency, you need to focus on these points.


Affordable price

Giving affordable price rates to the products or services of your business as per the customer’s level of purchasing will help you to target a different range of customers. 

This will automatically consume the interests of new as well as existing customers.

No compromise with quality

To spread your content worldwide and build a reputed and strong business, then you must focus more on enhancing the quality of products or services rather than just running behind quantity.


If you’d like to stay with your customers for a longer period in the market, then you must satisfy your customer’s needs, desires, demands, and requirements.

If you are good at satisfying your customers, then you can easily grow and survive for a longer period.



You must maintain a balanced and healthy relationship with your customer. For businesses, customers are next to God. 

If you give your primary importance to your audience then you can get several advantages from them.

Feedbacks and suggestions

Collecting feedback and suggestions from your customers after making every sale through social media platforms, will help you to get a better, understandable, and clear report of your audience.

You can know them.

Incentives to customers

Incentives, in the sense, offers, referrals, discounts, and rewards. By offering the above-listed terms to your audiences you can easily catch the audience’s interest.

This will automatically generate more sales and directly drive traffic towards your business profile.



If your content is more practical-based and audience-oriented then it becomes a must for you to produce user-generated content. 

If it’s not user-generated or audience-oriented then there’ll be very less chance for your business to spread your content worldwide and simultaneously achieve growth.

Relevant with nature

If your content is hurting the guidelines of human nature and violating the rules and policies of social media platforms, then your business cannot breathe for a single minute in the market.

You must focus on producing content that is relevant and valuable.


Social media in marketing has given all businesses several benefits and SMM is a large marketing scope for the businesses. Social media marketing agencies like these will surely benefit your business to grow and develop a good reputation in the market.

Almost every business has primarily focused on the points that are highlighted and explained above as these points are very important in the present digital marketing scenario.

If you’d like to be one of those SMM agencies, then you must focus on the above points. And if you need help getting started, here at 12 channels, we specialize in helping businesses break down barriers and pursue high dreams!

Learn how to harness the power of social media with our experts. We’ll give you a free consultation and help throughout your entire campaign at 12 channels! You have time to make a change, you just need the motivation. Contact us and get started today! 

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