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The Excellent Future Of Social Media Marketing


Time has changed everything now. Social media marketing is becoming huge every minute.

Before just blindly jumping into the ocean, let’s go through some basic information about it.

At present, nearly every person on earth has a smartphone. And more than half of the entire population uses the internet. The Internet is a place consisting of a wide range of ideas, strategies, facts, contents on different niches, and information regarding any relevant topic.

A wide network that connects the people using social media from every corner of the globe. A person can easily find and connect with another who’s living on the other side. You can also share your content with a wide group audience.

From juggling from one door to another, hustling even while communicating, and scuffling with one another without any reason, now you are extremely safe. The features of digital marketing allow social media users to stay connected with the entire world even sitting peacefully on their sofa. It means you can get connected with your global audience even from a single place.

Since history has brought us here, similarly history will give rise to new opportunities. Many social media marketing agencies are vigorously hunting for new techniques and ideas for the SMM. A business cannot run peacefully if it’s failing to achieve its organizational objectives. 

This article will be a great guide for your business. If you’re one of them trying to get into the world of social media. Then you must focus on the social media marketing Statistics and the behavior of social media that has been analyzed and explained under. 

Social Media Marketing Statistics – 2018

social media marketing
Source: Hootsuite

This is a report based on the history of social media marketing. The reason behind choosing the year 2018 is that, in 2018, social media has taken an outstanding jump in its graph. 2018 gave rise to individuals as well as businesses to produce and sell articles and content even on social media platforms.

It’s said that you’ll get a good, understanding, and effective financial report when data collaborates with numbers. So here we’ve gathered the minimum yet most important social media marketing statistics, for 2018.

  • Nearly half of the entire population is involved or active in social media.
  • 64% of consumers say that video content helped them more to shop from social media.
  • Nearly 86% of women are looking at social media before deciding to make a purchase.
  • 57% of all mobile users usually judge a business as per its business profile.
  • Facebook was the most popular form of marketing platform.
  • Around 90% of the marketers are more anxious about SMM tactics and engagement.
  • Approx 70% of the marketers use SMM for increasing their brand loyalty and marketplace Intel.

The rise in the usage of social media and the rise in the involvement of business has taken SMM to another level. This has also opened opportunities for the businesses that remained behind the eyeballs of huge audiences. Now it’s not only helping the business to generate revenue but also the customers to know more about the marketing world.

These social media marketing statistics are based on complete research of various statistics measuring websites. We’ve been trying our utmost to bring the best and maintain the accuracy between the figures that are listed above.

SMM Statistics – 2022

In 2022, businesses have witnessed a lot of changes, especially with the impact of COVID-19, the past two years had on economical and environmental aspects of the society. Therefore, knowing how the businesses are doing at the present matters.

The main reason behind choosing statistics of the present year is to give you a better and more loyal picture of data and reports of the present scenario of digital marketing.

Digitally, businesses have chosen social media for marketing only because of four reasons.

  • Reach
  • Interact
  • Insights
  • Relationship

By focusing more on the above points, the businesses have risen like sunshine in the field of social media marketing. And this platform has never embraced them with awful and regretful results.

Let’s see how their interests, objectives, performances, and interactions gave rise to the numbers.

  • More than 58.4% of the entire population is now on social media.
  • On average, people usually spend around 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media platforms.
  • Facebook is still the most popular social media marketing platform.
  • 79% of marketers tend to buy paid advertising on social media.
  • Around 64% of marketers are interested in investing in short video content on social media.
  • 83% of marketers are attracted to the quality of social media content.
  • 54% of browsers of social media use social media to research products.

It’s observed that the statistics of this platform have given enormous options, opportunities, and reasons for the other business to indulge and come out with different business content for their customers.

Which Year Is Better And How?

If we compare the past years and the present year, then we can get a clear and better picture of their performances. Mostly, for years many businesses gave importance to their customer’s personal experiences because their experiences, feedback, and suggestions supported the online businesses from the root.

By giving importance to their audiences, they’ve also observed betterment in their organization as well. Their employees and the associates of the business have been working effectively and efficiently by using all the allocated resources in an optimum manner.

Source: Statista

In comparing both the past years and the present year, we can observe that the present year has given rise to new valuable things as compared to past years. So this point concludes that the present year’s performance is far better than the previous year. Undoubtedly, the growth and progress in the social media world have already declared that the performance of audiences as well as the contents of businesses will automatically increase and will grow over time with proper analysis and usage of it. 

It’s observed that more than 51% of the marketers have planned to invest more by increasing their overall marketing budget on the platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. The reports have made it clear that platforms like Instagram, are attracting more teens from awe-inspiring new and updated features. 

The new generation of users is more interested in watching visual content like photos and videos. Audiences mostly spend their time surfing the internet randomly but not searching about the products or services, therefore to divert their interests, businesses have made short video content and attracted their attention. The number of visual content has increased like anything in these past years. Most of the users are judging the performances of businesses by their contents only. The content quality has increased in the past years. Quality content tends to perform better in the market. Quality content has benefited the business to increase the user base. 

The reach and growth that social media has offered to the business profiles have become a sense of motivation for the rest of the business. The growth in customers, ROI, revenue, and sales are the real statistics that gave other businesses to grab the opportunity.

SMM Future

And in the future, we can assume that when smm collaborates with chatbots powered by AI. It will bring a revolutionary change in the field of digital marketing. Many channels will collaborate with new strategies and new ideas where there’ll be no barriers or restrictions for the customers belonging to a different age or income group. 

The future is uncertain but there are certain assumptions we can observe according to the analysis and frequent study of the demographics of social media platforms. In terms of marketing, social media platforms will be leading in finding a wide and quality customer base. Customers will also consume more and more content through social media. 

The content related to education, current affairs, and promoting moral values will rule in the future. More audiences are attracted to watching content that is user-generated and customer-oriented. The content which is relevant, appropriate, and far away from the guidelines of social media rules and regulations tends to catch more eyeballs in the future. 

So if you’d like to spread your business globally, targeting all the attracted individuals then you must focus on the context that is discussed above.


Since social media marketing is a wider platform and we cannot just assume its performance with small research, but by analyzing the reports and social media marketing statistics of other marketing channels we can make it clear that SMM is going to break all the limitations that a business is having at present. 

It’ll give rise to new ideas, new strategies, new tools, and new content through which a business can easily and efficiently nurture their general audiences into potential customers. People using social media are now more aware of the ongoing social facts and the present world.

Learn how to harness the power of social media with our experts. We’ll give you a free consultation and help throughout your entire campaign at 12 channels! You have time to make a change, you just need the motivation. Contact us and get started today! 

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