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What Is ROI? How To Stop ROI From Declining?


Investment, everybody does it but the difference is some people do it directly and some indirectly.

Direct investment means investing in the assets that cannot be consumed, whereas indirect investment means investing in the assets which can be consumed, like food, shelter, and other consumer items.

Let’s take an example, if food isn’t giving you proper satisfaction (returns) then investing in food becomes worthless. Similarly, if you aren’t getting proper returns from your investments then investment remains undervalued.

Now the question arises, what is the meaning of return on investment?

Return on investment refers to a metric that investors use to understand the profitability position of an investment. It’ll present you with all the data about how much you’ve invested, how much you’ve earned, and how much is the deviation between profit and cost. 

In other words, it also means a ratio that divides the net profit from an investment by its cost. It will give results in the form of percentages. 

It becomes very important for a business to get good numbers in ROI. Without a good ROI, no business or no marketer will show interest in carrying out investment activities in these domains. It provides a business with numerous advantages but when the graph of ROI starts declining it’ll be a fatal cause for the business.

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In this article you’ll get complete knowledge about how to stop the declining ROI, what are the things to keep in mind to stop declining it, and what are a few important things that are important for businesses which are directly related to the tracking of ROI on social media.


Why is public relationship important for your social media?

Social media and public relationships are very important to carry on a business. Business activities are mainly dependent on mutual belief and mutual understanding. If a business isn’t maintaining a good and healthy relationship with the public then it invites several opportunities that can easily destroy the entire business. By tracking ROI on social media we can easily derive maximum from the platform.

So to outrage the possibilities of destruction you must give your utmost and first priority to your audiences so that they can turn into unpaid influencers and customers for your business because customer relationships directly impact the business ROI. In the end, every business aims at having an amazing customer base, and to achieve it you need to focus on certain points that we’ve highlighted below and they show how they are linked with the return on investment.

#1 Lower employee turnover

We lose something because we’ve been less concerned about that something. Do you know how the employees are linked with ROI? 

Yes, appreciable. No, that’s okay.

We spent most of our budget on recruitment because without a strong foundation we cannot compete with the global market. If the overall marketing budget can be diverted towards the betterment of employees’ satisfaction then there’ll be very fewer chances of employee turnover and this will directly help in declining the ROI. 

To maintain a healthy bottom line business needs to find opportunities for staff satisfaction.

#2 Direct advertisement

Public relations practitioners usually tell wonderful stories behind the business products. Marketing managers mostly left all the activities related to them in them. 

By maintaining a good and healthy relationship with customers you can easily win their hearts and most importantly their trust. This will automatically reflect in increasing the sharing of products or promotion of products directly. 

Customers will feel like they are a significant part of the business and will automatically involve themselves in a direct advertisement.

#3 Manages priorities

Public relations practitioners usually practice how to manage reputation and avert crisis.

Most importantly they manage the brand reputation and trust in front of the general audience. So this will directly help the business to get out of the range through which you’ll lose customer loyalty. 

Does a brand ambassador program save a declining revenue?

Do you know who is called an ambassador? What is a brand ambassador program?

Well, an ambassador refers to a person who supports or promotes your business or products of yours. It’s a person who takes a step towards promoting your business or product in the various mediums of promotions, like social media and other advertising platforms.

An ambassador program refers to a business program that the company initiates to find, recruit, manage, pay, and track the brand ambassadors. Companies use brand ambassadors to bring all their business articles or services they’re offering in front of the customers. 

They are undoubtedly very important for a business as they have the strength to create a direct impact on the return on investment of a business. 

#1 More credibility

In the age of digital marketing, technology made it very effective to increase revenue from social media marketing.

Nowadays, many companies move towards Instagram influencers and YouTube icons in finding the attractions of the audience but choosing a brand ambassador will benefit you for a longer period than those. 

Most brand ambassadors have a genuine following, there’ll be enough opportunities for your business if you let your products travel through them.

#2 Developing a specific image with the ambassadors

It’s up to you to hire a good brand ambassador for your business. 

Brand ambassadors are good at catching the attention of their following by creating and optimizing their content in the right form. 

Adding to this, it’ll be wise if you ensure using proper marketing tools in the content like hashtags and detailed information, it’ll help in getting good engagement.

This will help the business to create a specific image with the brand ambassadors so that the ambassadors can create amazing revenue for the business.

#3 More connected

By keeping an ambassador program, businesses can get more connected with their customers. 

Ambassador’s followers will also get attracted to the brand that is being reflected by the ambassador himself. This will become a true advantage for the businesses to create a customer base from a variety of individuals. 

#4 Growth

Ambassador programs will automatically drive growth towards the generation of revenue because these programs are completely based on providing content that is best suitable according to a business’s customers.

Growth, not in terms of financial numbers only, but also growth in reach, revenue generation, in building trust and loyalty is what matters through the ambassador program.

#5 Brand loyalty

If a business doesn’t have brand loyalty, then it cannot breathe a single second in the market. 

It means without brand loyalty, a business cannot catch its customers’ brains. No matter how much a business is spending on costs, if they fail in getting the best brand ambassador according to the products then they cannot accomplish their organizational, marketing, and individual objectives.

Is becoming a guest blogger an easy solution?

As far as social media marketing is concerned, for the businesses who are carrying their business on this SMM platform then it becomes very important for them to hire a guest blogger.

Guest bloggers refer to the invites of a company from outside, where they will write blogs about your niches and that will be posted on your business website. 

They come up with an enormous number of advantages that you can track directly or indirectly. So it becomes essential for all types of businesses, regardless of the line of their product, to add guest bloggers as a part of their marketing strategy.

Certain advantages primarily advantage the business for generating a return on Investments.

Increase authority

When a business finds various associates to share the workload, it indirectly helps the business to build credibility. 

To grow your influence, you must have a guest blogger to attract customers of different mindsets. Since every customer wants something different from the brand, it may not be that difficult but this will surely offer the business numerous opportunities where the associates can be monitored by a subject expert. 

You must be encouraging enough to guide the new associates properly 

Increase reach

If you always focus on building a similar type of content then you are inviting more chances to stop receiving views from your customers. Your audience wouldn’t have been with you to see your repeated content. 

After inviting a guest blogger for your business, there’s a probability of changing your customers’ tastes. Since guest bloggers focus on preparing content differently and accordingly, there are more chances of featuring more reach than before.

Blogs written from them have more tendency to catch more than the ordinary rate of audience. 

Link opportunities

Guest blogging will provide you with ways through which you can include relevant links in the articles. 

To boost SEO, you need to make it out of the box and present it in such a manner that will attract more and more audiences.

Niche marketing

Guest blogs provide you with a choice where you can select your niche. Marking a particular type of niche and making content on them will be easy for the bloggers. 

Since guest bloggers only focus on creating content for a particular type of niche, it’ll be helpful for the business to provide complete knowledge to their customers.

Beneficial relationship

Since guest bloggers create a good relationship with their audiences. They usually follow and get complete information about a niche, the customers, and their potential. 

Guest blogs also help in increasing the authority of your brand as guest bloggers target the right people so that your brand will reach a good number and achieve all the marketing and organization objectives.

As far as the compatibility of guest blogging is concerned, we can assume that guest blogging is an easy solution when it comes to reflecting the business’s revenue. Due to the decline in the interest of guest bloggers, there arises a probability that can deflect the customer’s interest towards your brand. 

Therefore, if you’d like to stop the declining ROI of your business, you must keep an extra eye considering guest bloggers.

What are a few release strategies to fuel brand growth?

Growth is just a 6-letter word but it takes thousands of days and nights to achieve. It needs nothing to dream of but it will consume everything if someone tries to get it properly. It isn’t as simple as it appears within a small word. It is as big as its meaning.

Growth is a never-ending process. It means business growth doesn’t have any particular destination, where you can say you’ve achieved it. Rather it’s an ongoing process where everyone’s involvement is highly essential.

All the points that hold the primary position are to be considered specifically while creating an effective marketing strategy. To move with the growth process, you must use certain things or keep in mind certain points. These are the essential elements of marketing strategies through which you can fuel brand growth.

Use social media

SMM platforms are the basic medium to spread content in this generation. And social media marketing provides all the resources through which one can easily carry on marketing operations on marketing platforms and can achieve all the marketing objectives. By using this digital marketing channel as your main business channel, you can easily reach a wide range of audience groups, can analyze each type of customer’s taste, choices, and preferences can track how your content is performing in front of your customers and can focus on the marketing loopholes to get a takeoff.

Create blogs, videos, and media content

Nowadays, most users are attracted to social media platforms just because of their influencing and awe-inspiring content. So it’d be a plus point for the marketers to socialize their products and services through which you can easily share your content.

Mostly, social media users are attracted to watching blogs, videos, and media content. If you create blogs for your websites and video and media content for your products and services, then you can attract a huge number of eyeballs.

Keep updating content

Social media throws out outdated content from its platforms. None of the users are interested in searching and gaining knowledge about an outdated resource. 

So if you’d like to manage your customer’s interest and their choices for a long period you must keep updated content. Frequent updates will help in building trust and a competent image.

Choose audience-oriented content

No one will watch if your content violates humanity and social media guidelines. If your content is not appropriate to the audiences’ choices and interests, then no user will get attracted to your brand. 

If you analyze and study your customer’s choices, interests, demands, and desires, you can insert all of them into your marketing content which will automatically drive traffic towards your content.

Initiate incentives

No customer will buy your products if they aren’t getting any kind of incentives from the brands. 

Incentives like rewards, giveaways, offers, referrals, and discounts can be a bread and butter kind of tool which will help you to attract customers to your products and services. 

These are a few basic marketing tactics through which you can build brand awareness and can turn the general audience into potential customers or indulged clients.

Make relationship

Social media and public relationships last longer than just a transaction. To grow and attract audiences for longer survival in the market you must create a relationship with the people who are associated with your business. 

By having regular communication you can understand what your audience wants, what they are lacking, and how you can ensure they use your products.

To grow, you must give priority to your insiders as well because at the end of the day they are the ones who can drive more and more traffic toward your brand.


From planning the marketing strategy to executing the plan of action, one needs to be prepared for the future hurdles that can highly impact your business. When it comes to preparation for financial numbers then return on investment plays a very important role.

So to stop it from getting declined there are certain things you need to consider for it. You as a marketer need to put an extra eye on guest bloggers and ambassador programs because they are directly related to the movement of ROI. As they both are considered the most important factors for the generation of returns. The brand ambassadors program will eventually pay good results while tracking ROI on social media.

If they are utilized effectively then you can easily stop the declining graph of ROI. And if you need help getting started, here at 12 channels, we specialize in helping businesses break down barriers and pursue high dreams!

Learn how to harness the power of social media with our experts. We’ll give you a free consultation and help throughout your entire campaign at 12 channels! You have time to make a change, you just need the motivation. Contact us and get started today! 

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