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Why SMS Marketing?

  • SMS subscribers are estimated to reach 8.9 billion by 2023 – Better reach 
  • 30.5x higher CTR has been recorded with texts compared to email – High CTR = High ROI
  • 64% of consumers suppose businesses should reach them via SMS more often – Gains customer engagement and awareness
  • 90% of customers claimed to have gained value from SMS loyalty programs – Increased customer retention
  • 69% of consumers wanted the facility to contact a business via SMS – High UX and retention
  • 9 in 10 people are known to open their text messages – High CTR
  • Quick delivery is why 62% of businesses believe to have an advantage in SMS marketing – High engagement 
  • Organizations allowing their consumers to respond to an SMS are 13% or less – Less engagement and shelved reach
  • 209% higher response rate has been noted in SMS, compared to other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc – High CTR and ROI
  • The open rate has an increase of 97% for text messages – High CTR and a potential increase in conversion rates 

Introduction To SMS Marketing

Humans have been sending letters for generations now. It may be an official letter, a formal letter, a business letter, or a promotion letter. As the generation has updated itself, now most people are sending text messages instead of sending letters inside an envelope. The development and the progress that has been achieved by the world are now also becoming a need for humans. Almost 95%+ people are using smartphones and gadgets to communicate their needs. 

Needs that cannot be compromised are what now became the human agenda. We cannot compromise our needs. Similarly, the business also has a majority of points that cannot compromise. The foremost objective of all types of business is marketing, promoting, and advertising products. 

What Is SMS Marketing?

In simple words, SMS Marketing is a digital marketing tool where an individual or a brand sends promotional or advertising content to customers through short message services. SMS Marketing is a channel of digital marketing. In this type of marketing, the brands create a list of customers and send regular messages related to the wants and needs of the customers. 

It may be about offers, discounts, or information related to products or services. SMS marketing helps business units to promote and advertise products through SMS services and SMS strategies. There are various SMS services or SMS companies that handle the on-way operations of advertisement and promotion.

SMS Marketing - Types

There are mainly two types of SMS marketing types for businesses. They are-

Promotional SMS: Promotional SMS refers to a type of SMS marketing tool where the marketers only send promotional and advertising content to their customers through SMS. Here, the customers get knowledge about the offers, discounts, rebates, and sales. Through this type of SMS, marketers can increase their sales by promoting a product and can build brand awareness.

Transactional SMS: Transactional SMS refers to a type of SMS Marketing tool where the marketers only send messages to the customers that are related to any transactional event. Such SMS can build a strong sense of reputation in the eyeballs of customers. As these messages mainly focus on sending delivery updates and monetary updates to the customers, it doesn’t need to be very creative as compared to promotional SMS. 

SMS Marketing - For Whom?

As SMS marketing is easy and reliable in manner, it can directly reach the audiences. SMS marketing doesn’t create any bias between the business type you have so it can be a great addition to your digital marketing process. There are certain users of SMS marketing whose prime marketing technique is SMS marketing.

The users of SMS marketing are –

E-commerce stores: To send promotional or advertising campaigns to the audiences or to send frequent reports of order/shipping/delivery confirmations e-commerce sites also use SMS marketing as a marketing tool. It is proven that SMS marketing is a great tool for accessing marketing goals.

Travel companies: SMS provides real-time information to its users so SMS can be a good tool for travel companies to present real-time information about updates regarding traveling. 

Service business: Service businesses that require appointments of clients are using SMS marketing tools to give reminders before the scheduled date.

Large organizations with more employees: In large companies, it is not possible to maintain frequent communication with all the staff members of different levels, hence to pass any urgent information to the members, they use SMS instead of sending an email.

SMS Marketing - Importance

We know that we give value to those people who take out time for us or communicate with us. Since it’s like a human tendency to feel for something when it appears thoroughly in our mind. Similarly, the audience will also remember our brands or products if we reach out to them at frequent intervals. There are few of the importance of SMS Marketing which are listed and shortly described below.

Simple and easy to implement: SMS STRATEGY is a simple form of marketing tool which can be taken into action in an uncomplicated manner. It’s nothing but tosendingelevant text messages to the auaudienceMessages consisting of coupons, offers,  discounts, and special services that can highly target the audience. With a simple and easy plan, the entire process can be coordinated.

High engagement rates: As per research, around 90% of the messages are seen within 3 minutes of receiving them. This can be highly beneficial for marketers to put necessary and relevant messages and can create a success rate.

Build loyal customers: Building a loyal reputation in front of customers is the prime task of every business. By sending all the updates about offers, discounts, and sales to the targeted customers, we can build a sheet of loyal customers by tracking their actions. 

Outperforms other channels: Comparing SMS Marketing with other marketing channels, SMS Marketing can lead to higher engagement rates and can increase ROI. SMS Marketing has a good number of open rates as compared to other marketing channels.

Easy to manage and track: With SMS Marketing we can easily manage and control the ongoing process. Through this, we are also able to track the performance of SMS and the activities of the customers. We can also understand customers’ interests, purchase history, and demography related to all the marketing processes.STRATEGY

Recorded Statistics - SMS Marketing

Around 55% of mobile users use mobile messaging applications or native messengers to send messages. Around 90% of messages are seen within 3 minutes of receiving the messages. Hence, the response rate of the SMS is 45%. 58% of consumers believe that SMS is the most effective way to receive information about brands and products, and for marketers, SMS STRATEGY can be the best and most effective approach tool. 

SMS Marketing has grown more than 197% as a strategy for B2B and B2C operations for the past 6 years. As compared to e-mail marketing SMS has an open rate of 98%. All the statistics show that from sending a formal letter to depending upon texts as a whole, the generation has come a long way.

Basic Requirements To

There are a few basic requirements for SMS Marketing that a business must keep in mind before starting operations.

  • Create a separate team
  • Know the customer
  • Make messages short and to the point
  • Get the right time
  • Give extra attention to the best clients

With the points that are listed above, a marketer can easily achieve its overall objectives. A separate team can only focus on this marketing channel. By knowing customers and dividing them into various groups we can send different strategic messages to different targeted customers.

SMS Marketing - Other Channels

SMS and Affiliate Marketing:  By combining SMS marketing with affiliate marketing, the affiliates can use the tools of SMS marketing to achieve their common objectives. Affiliates can send promotional and advertising content in the form of SMS to targeted customers. By merging both of the channels, the affiliates can help in increasing the sale of products by suggesting them through SMS marketing.

SMS and Video Marketing: When SMS marketing and video marketing are clubbed, video marketers can send their video promotional and advertising content to their customers with the same mode of sending tool. They did not need to make it creative as the video has already been made for satisfying the purpose they just need to manage and control before and after sending.

SMS and Social Media Marketing: Every marketing brand is now operating a social media profile to promote it globally. Through SMS marketing even social media content creators can also take the advantage of SMS marketing. As SMS marketing is very easy and simple to operate, social media marketers can just make their message short and put on links to social media to let the users open the link and check.

SMS Marketing - Success Stories

There are hundreds of companies that use SMS Strategy as a marketing tool to reach customers at the required time. Companies like Uber, Flipkart, and Amazon use SMS Marketing as their major marketing tools. These companies send frequent SMS about offers, discounts, and rebates and update customers with transactional SMS about delivery updates, monetary updates, and safety information. Companies like Uber and Ola, use SMS Marketing to send pickup and drop locations and various information about payment and receipts.

12 Channels & SMS Marketing

2 Channels is an association of subject experts and marketing analysts. The main motto of our channel is to offer what is better and how something difficult can be tackled easily. We are a team of go-getters with subject experts and marketing professionals. We can club and optimize different channels with SMS Marketing on the basis of your main agenda to meet your objectives, sales, consideration, and retention. 

We also provide marketing strategies based upon different marketing tools which can help you to retain and decrease the overall customer acquisition cost which can improve your growth and helps in increasing Return On Investment. We also focus on preparing a loyal customer base who turns as influencers and can promote with zero cost. 

To know us better, sit with us on a ride with our subject experts through the process we follow the best – 

At 12 channels, every channel has a qualified subject expert team working together to reach out to you on –

  • Probing your needs and requirements better.
  • Strategizing and curating alternatives to serve the best.
  • Building tailor-made solutions with one or more channels are necessary.
  • Promoting relevant crowds & generating relevant traffic for higher conversions.
  • Analyzing the performance using key metrics.
  • Tracking & optimizing your business to reinforce your brand.

We use the tools of marketing in the most effective and efficient manner to reach your business profile at a higher level. We use a combination of sales funnels to capture the clients and educate them to become loyal customers and market without any cost. 

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